Effect of Needling Traditional Acupoints and Dong's Extra Acupoints on Transcutaneous CO2 Emission along Meridians

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Objective: To observe whether there is a different acupuncture effect between Dong's extra acupoints and traditional acupoints in transcutaneous CO2 emission (TCE).

Methods: A high sensitive CO2 measuring apparatus was used to measure the chronological variation of TCE on the acupoints along meridian before, during and after needling Dong’s extra acupoint and traditional acupoint respectively.
Sixty healthy adults were selected as subjects, who were divided into three groups and each group included 20 subjects. The grouping is as follow:
Traditional acupoints Dong's extra acupoints Measured point
l .Zusanli (ST36) SihuazhonR Tiaokou (ST38)
2. Taichona (LR3) Huozhu Zhongfeng (LR4)
3.Hegu (LI4) Linggu Wenliu (LI7)
In each process, the adopted values are as follows: CO2 in air before needling, TCE on measured points before needling and immediately after needling, CO2 in air and TCE on
measured points 10 min after needling, CO2 in air and TCE on measured points 10 min after withdrawing the needle.

Results: The statistical results of the 60 cases showed that in the cases of traditional acupoint needling, TCE of pre-needling, immediate time post-needling, 10 min after needling and 10 min after withdrawing needle were 7.6 ±5.2 (SD), 8.6t5.3, 7.5 ±4.8 and 7.7±5.3 respectively. In the cases of needling Dong's extra acupoint, the corresponding values were 6.6±4.2, 8.5±5.3, 8.4±5.5 and 8.2±5.2 respectively. Statistical analysis showed very significant increase of TCE of immediate time of post- after needling of both traditional acupoint. and Dong's extra acupoint (P<0.01 ). However, as to needling traditional acupoint, the TCE l0 min after needling declined significantly compared with that of immediate time of post-needling (P<0.05). Its value showed no significant difference from that before needling, nor does the value 10min after withdrawing the needle. As to needling Dong’s extra acupoint, both TCM in 10 min after needling and 10 min after withdrawing the needle showed no significant decline, which are Still very significantly higher than that before needling. Another noticeable point is that the two processes were carried out on two obviously different TCE values before needling.

Conclusion: Needling traditional acupoint generates a short-term effect, while needling Dong's extra acupoint generates a long-term effect, which provides a scientific basis for understanding the special curative effect of Dong's extra acupoint.
By Qiu Yachang, Zhang Weibo, Xe Henghui
Beijing University of TCM, Beijing 100029,China

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