Effect of Needling Foot Yangming Meridian on the Stomach Movement of Healthy Person

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Our previous experiments showed that needling Foot-Yangming Meridian increases the area of gastric antrum and Pyloric pressure. Our aim in this study is to observe the effect of needling Foot Yangming Meridian on the electric activities of stomach and the total function rate of stomach movement. The results indicated that (1) the PTP of stomach electricity varied significantly after needling Sibai point and Zusanli point; (2) comparing with before needling the points, the PTF of stomach movement enhanced significantly in the process of needling and after needling Zuanli and Sibai points; (3) the lines and curves of experiment suggested that the PTP of stomach electricity or PTP of stomach movement has tendency to increase both needling points or control point. However, it is more remarkable to needle Foot Yangming Meridian (P<0.05, compared with before needling). No significant changes of PTP were observed. Although the indication and parameter are different from our previous experiment, these results are reconcile with our previous report and showed that needling Foot Yangming Meridian adjusts the stomach movement. There is an inner relationship between the Foot Yangming Meridian and the movement of stomach.
By Chang Xiaorong, Yan Jie, Yi Shouxiang & Lin Yaping
Hunan College of TCM, 4l 0007, Changsha Hunan, China.

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