Effect of Acupuncture at Different Acupoints of Foot-Yangming Channel on the Area of Gastric Antrum

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Objective: To observe whether acupoints of the same Stomach Channel have the same effect on functional activity of its related internal organs, and whether there is a corresponding relationship between the upper segment on the head and trunk and the lower segment in the four limbs described in meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

Methods: 180 health persons were divided into 6 groups, with l5 cases in each group: (1) Group A: Sibai (ST2) and Neiting (ST44); (2) a group B: Touwei (ST8) and Chongyang (ST44); (3) group C: Tianshu (ST25), and Shangjuxu (ST37); (4) group D: Biguan (ST31 ) and Zusanli (ST36); (5) group E: Futu (ST32) and Liangqiu (ST34); and (6) group F: point 1 cm below Sibai (ST2) and point 1cm below Zusanli (ST36). The antrum area changes 3 minutes before and after acupuncture were respectively observed and the relative specificity of acupoints of the Foot-Yangming Channel on gastric motor and their corresponding relationship between acupoints of the upper and lower part of the body were analyzed.

Results: It was found that among the 8 acupoints which had obvious effect on the area changes of the gastric antrum, their effects are: Sibai > Zusanli > Neiting > Liangqiu> Chongyang > Biguan > Shangiuxu > point below Sibai. It suggests that the effect of acupoints of the same channel on the relative internal organ has a relative specificity: both Sibai (ST 2) (on the face) and Neiting (ST44) (on the lower limb) can obviously increase the area of gastric antrum, which provides a basis for the relationship between upper and lower segments of the same channel.
By Yan Jie, Chang Xiaorong, Huang Biqun
Department of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Massage, Hunan College of TCM, Changsha 410007, China.

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