Ear prescriptions: construction and formulae for specific conditions

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Ear prescriptions: construction and formulae for specific conditions Objective
• To learn the parameters of ear treatment efficacy
• To learn the general rules of ear acupuncture prescriptionology
• To understand ear point prescription formation by studying standardized ear acupuncture prescriptions for common clinical conditions
• To understand the clinical usage of ear acupuncture points by studying specific clinical cases

  Part I: constructing ear prescriptions

  A fundamental premise of Oriental medical theory is to treat what one sees. By doing so the practitioner has the opportunity to address the whole patient as expressed through his or her unique energetic pattern. Although some practitioners of auricular acupuncture maintain that there is no need for neither diagnosis nor prescription construction, but only adherence to set formulae for specific conditions, this is generally not the Oriental medical viewpoint.

  The goal of this chapter is to illustrate to the practitioner how to construct an ear prescription that meets the treatment needs of the patient. While each specific patient will receive a unique formula, the logic of prescription construction needs to be explained. First, however, we need to keep in mind that the ultimate efficacy of a prescription is related to all of the features discussed.


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