Ear diagnosis and morphology

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• To learn how to perform ear examination and treatment
• To differentiate the characteristics of the normal ear and the unhealthy ear
• To learn the most common general signs of ear pathology
• To learn how to synthesize an ear diagnosis by combining pathology with the points on which it is located
• To learn the most common signs of ear pathology in each organ or body part

Because of the reflexive property of the ear, various spontaneous reactions may appear on the auricle when there are disorders of the internal organs or other parts of the body. Such reactions include variations in shape, color, size, and sensation; the appearance of papules, rashes, and discolorations; and increased tenderness or decreased electrical conductivity. Close observation of these changes increases the practitioner’s ability to diagnose and treat the patient, both preventatively and concurrently.
Ear diagnosis provides all of the following advantages:

• Allows for the early detection of an illness or disharmony
• Offers a rapid means of the diagnosis of a disorder
• Corroborates the existence of an illness
• Monitors pathological deterioration or improvement of a disorder

  Ear diagnosis can be conducted in three ways — through inspection, palpation for tenderness, or through electrical detection.

  This chapter emphasizes inspection, which is the primary ear diagnosis method that I use. I palpate for tenderness as a physical way of confirming my diagnosis if it is not corroborated by other methods. I do not use the ear-pressing method through electrical detection. The physician can incorporate ear diagnosis into the physical examination, along with tongue and pulse evaluation, and other methods of diagnosis, as a way of learning more about the patient. (For other books and articles discussing these methods in depth, consult the bibliography at the end of this chapter.)

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