Does The Relationship Between Mind And Body Affect Fertility?

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Only a few studies have been conducted that examined the relationship between the mind and the body as it relates to fertility. Results have shown that relieving stress and relaxing may have a positive impact on a person's or couple's ability to conceive. Fortunately, procedures such as massage, acupuncture and yoga may help to relieve stress and improve fertility.

Of course, some patients may be infertile for other reasons that do not relate to stress. Couples who are experiencing infertility are encouraged to speak with a fertility specialist to discuss the problem. The specialist will likely ask the couple questions about their attempts at conception and may ask specific questions pertaining to male and female fertility. Examinations and tests may also be used to help locate and pinpoint the cause of infertility. Based on these results, various treatments or remedies may be recommended.

If stress or other lifestyle factors that affect the mind and/or body are thought to play a role in infertility, the doctor may advise against certain procedures until less expensive and less dramatic treatments are tried. Massage is one such treatment that may be effective in relieving stress and stimulating blood flow to reproductive organs.

There are three types of fertility massage: the Wurn Technique, Reiki and Reflexology. The Wurn Technique involves applying pressure to adhesions in the abdominal area that may make intercourse painful and may block the fallopian tubes. Reiki is based on the belief that life energy flows through all living things. The therapy works to channel the energy appropriately. Finally, Reflexology is based on the belief that massaging certain parts of the hands and feet that are thought to correspond to certain internal reproductive organs will also treat those organs.

Acupuncture is also based on the belief that life energy flows through the body. Scientific evidence does not explain the procedure's effectiveness, but the procedure is thought to be helpful in relieving stress, which may have a positive impact on fertility.

Similarly, yoga is used to relieve stress as well. Many people practice yoga to relieve stress in their daily lives and the exercise may also be used by women and men trying to conceive. While these treatments and methods are not thought to be magic cures for infertility, by relieving stress and promoting a healthy mind, they are thought to be helpful in improving fertility.

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