Does Acupuncture helps in Slimming and losing weight? Where to do Accupuncture in Singapore?

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Acupuncture became popular is 2003 due to an increase in obesity in China. This led to the practice of acupuncture for weight loss as Chinese medicinal theory claimed that overweight is caused by imbalanced digestive systems.

What Acupuncture does is it help to strengthen one's digestive system. This helps to control your appetite and therefore weight loss is achieved. Other theories indicate that acupuncture helps to improve metabolism as a result causing one to burn calories at a faster rate.

What it claimed that it takes time for the body to adjust to acupuncture for weight loss. But patients who received such treatment report that food cravings and overeating do disappear.

According to the Chinese Acupuncture Points, they are identified as follow for weight loss:

Mouth - for the impulsive eater who may also smoke a lot and talk a lot. Stomach - for the person who eats even after they're full or who's constantly nibbling. Lung - for food addicts, and people who love chocolate, sweets. Endocrine - for water retention that's responsible for some of the weight gain. Adrenal and Ovary - if weight gain is due to menopause or P.M.S. Spleen - for sugar imbalances and hormonal disturbances. Kidney - for water retention, and nervous system and hormonal imbalances. Thyroid - for slow metabolism.

HOWEVER Be warned though, it is not medical proven that acupuncture can help one to loss weight loss. Result varies based on individual. It may work for one but not for others.

Medical studies show that daily exercise, diet choices and dealing with food issues are an important part of the process.

I have not tried it myself, maybe you should tried and let us know

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