Do you Believe in Magic Weight Loss Products?

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Obesity has become an epidemic. Unhealthy food choices and sedentary lifestyle has turned us into an overweight nation. Thousands of people are now searching for some type of magic pill to help them drop the excess pounds. After all, we are used to taking a pill for everything. Got a pain? Take a pill. Got a cold? Take a pill. Are you having a really bad day? Take a pill. We have become accustomed to having an easy solution to all of our problems. So it is only natural that we want to find a pill that will automatically get rid of that ugly fat. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or any other weight loss product that will make us skinny. Losing weight requires discipline and hard work. Read on to learn about some of the popular weight loss products on the market and what they claim to do.

Diet patches claim to reduce your appetite by slowly releasing a combination of herbal appetite suppressants throughout your body during the course of the day. Just apply a patch and watch the pounds melt away. Nothing could be further from the truth. A lot of the diet patches contain iodine which can be dangerous to your health if too much is absorbed by your body. The FTC recently shut down several big diet patch sellers because they were spamming customers by selling bogus patches. The hoodia diet patches that have become popular does not contain real hoodia. The reason for this is the hoodia plant is very rare and if you were to buy real honest to goodness hoodia, you could only get a small amount and you would have to pay a huge price for it.

The fat blocker pills have been heavily marketed as a miracle weight loss product. These pills claim to block fat intake and keep it from being absorbed by the body. You have to realize that these pills will cause oily stool and can also cause stool incontinence. You can also lose a lot of vitamin absorption that your body needs. Staying on these pills for an extended period of time is not recommended. Once you stop taking the pills, unless you have changed your eating habits, the weight will return.

There are also some other strange sounding weight loss products on the market. For instance, the appetite suppressing eyeglasses. These are glasses with colored lenses that claim to suppress your urge to eat. The magic weight loss earrings that are custom fitted claim to suppress the appetite by stimulating an acupuncture points. There is no evidence that these weight loss products actually work.

So what it all comes down to is that there is no single weight loss product on the market that will magically make you lose the weight and keep it off. The only magic that will do it is the magic that is within you. Make a firm commitment to following a healthy diet and start an exercise program. Stay focused and dedicated and you will see the pounds start to disappear

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