Dispersing Heat Technique of Cosmetic Acupuncture

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Dispersing Heat Technique of Cosmetic Acupuncture, This is a simple and effective needle technique. Most importantly, it can be performed on any point, anywhere on the body, and it will only disperse heat. If the technique is performed on a sedation point (e.g. Liv 2) it might send the heat to the son organ, but if applied on a point such as Ren 12, it will actually disperse the heat outwards rather than to another organ. Therefore, it is a good point at which to disperse pathogenic heat.

The technique
Insert needle at point and obtain needle sensation. Then thrust the needle once (with one push) through the three levels of depth – heaven, man and earth – and lift three times, once through each level ( Figure 5.6 ). One thrust, then three lifts – this is one circle of movement – repeat six times, the number for sedation. This creates coolness in the area in which you wish to remove heat. This technique can be used when dealing with acne rosacea, menopausal hot flushes, urticaria or eczema or even gastritis.
This technique gives a similar result to that of bleeding. As it is not possi-ble to apply the bleeding technique at all points of the body, this technique acts as a good substitute. The needle can be left for a minimum of 5 minutes, or 20–30 minutes when combined with other points.

Fig 5.6 Dispersing heat technique

Fig 5.6 Dispersing heat technique

Fig 5.7 Heat-introducing technique

Fig 5.7 Heat-introducing technique

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