Descending technique of Cosmetic Acupuncture

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Descending technique of Cosmetic Acupuncture ,This is a needle technique that is performed on only one point – Sp 6. It is used to bring down or descend the ascending heat from any part of the body to the lower warmer. This means that the heat symptoms are in the thorax, neck, arms and face, and markedly less in the lower part of the body. This technique is excellent for treating neurodermatitis in the upper body, or itching, heat rashes or allergic reactions manifesting only on the upper body.

The Sp 6 descending technique can be performed up to three times in the first week of treatment; thereafter, it should be performed only once a week. It is contraindicated in patients with low blood pressure, bradycardia, angina pectoris and arrhythmia.

The technique
The patient should lie supine for this treatment, and no other needles should be in the patient at this time. The rest of the points can be needled later during the same session, or could have previously been in and removed.

~~ Needle Sp 6 bilaterally, just deep enough so the needles will stand at a right angle to the skin.

~~ The therapist stands at the foot of patient and crosses hands (your right hand against the patient’s right leg, and left hand on left leg), and twirl needle six times:
– in females – with the thumb, first up and then down
– in males – with the thumb, first down and then up.

~~ Then, tell the patient to inhale through the nose, swallow once (not to swallow air), and exhale through the nose. The patient should continue this breathing until you instruct them to stop.

Fig 5.9 Descending technique

Fig 5.9 Descending technique

~~ Push the needle in at Sp 6 as deep as you can without twirling. If you encounter the tibia, you should stop pushing any further.

~~ Repeat the twirling again at the deep level, and this time in both man and woman twirl the needle with the thumb, first downwards and then upwards, for six times.

~~ Perform three lifts and one thrust, repeating several times, with the needle becoming gradually more superficial (Figure 5.9).

~~ When the needle has moved to a depth where it is just deep enough to stand without falling against the skin, leave the needle to stand for 1 minute. After 1 minute, you should prepare to remove the needle. Instruct the patient to change their breathing: keeping their hands on their Stomach, they should inhale through the nose and exhale heavily through the nose and mouth, and press the Stomach in while exhaling. The needle should be removed at the sixth exhalation.

~~ It is possible that the skin condition may move somewhat towards the skin in the lower body after a few descending treatments, but this will be a temporary phenomenon before the skin clears completely. Nevertheless, it is advisable to warn the patient of this possibility beforehand.

This might seem a difficult technique to master. You may have to refer to the book the first few times you perform it. Once you have done it a few times, try doing it without the book. You will soon be able to do it without a reference

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