Cupping Therapy of Cosmetic Acupuncture

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Cupping Therapy of Cosmetic Acupuncture , Cupping therapy is derived from an ancient therapy form using horns of animals. Later, bamboo cups were used and then very elegant glass cups of various sizes and shapes. Cupping is basically a vacuum treatment, and though excellent in the treatment of musculoskeletal pains, it is very useful for ‘ suction effect ’ of dampness in any form. In musculoskeletal pains, cupping therapy is best used for pains at the beginning of movement after rest. This pain takes 2–3 hours of activity following rest, in order to improve, as this physical activity helps to create the Qi for the dampness to be circulated.
In cosmetic acupuncture, cupping therapy can be used for the same reason – to help circulate stagnant dampness. The best results of this can be seen in the treatment of cellulite (see p. 165). In this case, it is used as a massage aid. It is also excellent in oedema or lymph oedema treatment when used locally as retained cups or cupping massage.
The technique
There are many ways of administering cupping. The following ways could be used to attach the cup onto the patient ( Figure 5.16 ) .

Fire cupping
Attach to a forceps a piece of cotton wool or gauze moistened with surgical spirit. Light the cotton wool and introduce it into the cup very shortly while still holding it with the forceps. This will create a vacuum in the cup by using up some of the air. Withdraw the burning cotton wool and place the cup very quickly onto the area to be treated. The quicker you transfer the cup, the greater the suction.
Cup with rubber pump
The rubber pumps on top of the cup should be squeezed before the cup is placed on the patient, and then released. This creates a vacuum, which sucks on the skin (Figure 5.17).
Cup with mechanical suction
These are very new on the market. The cup comes with a suction gadget. Once the cup is placed on the patient, the suction can be regulated according to need.
Moving cup (cupping massage)
This can be done with ordinary cups or cups with rubber pumps.
Rub oil all over the area that is to be treated. If the intention is to create improvement in circulation, then a warming oil such as St John’s wort oil, or any other oil which has been warmed prior to use would be suitable. Place just one cup at one end of the area using fire or suction, then run the cup along vertically, upwards and downwards – it is not necessary to go over the same line more than twice. The entire area should be covered with wide red lines (as wide as the mouth of the cup) when finished. This massage is quite painful if the cup is large and the suction is more – it is easier for the patient if the cup is small and the suction is less. In treatment of severe dampness, such as cellulite, the suction should be greater to be more effective (see Figures 5.17, 5.18 and 7.12).

Fig 5.16 (A–D) Cupping

Fig 5.16 (A–D) Cupping

When cups are retained in situ , it is sufficient to leave them on for 5–10 minutes.

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