Cough of wind-cold Type Treated with Movable Cupping in 100 Cases

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Objective: To observe the curative efficacy of movable cupping on cough of wind and cold type.

Methods: The 1st and 2nd lateral lines of the Bladder Meridian of Foot Taiyang and the Governor Vessel were chosen for movable cupping up and down from C7 to T12. For the intractable ones Dazhong (CV17), Huagai (CV20), Yunmen (LU2), Zhongfu (LU1) were used for remaining cupping. Before movable cupping a little lubricator was used at the edge of the cup. Movable cupping was applied, until the skin became dampish or dark red with measles-like spots on the skin, and the patients felt warm on the back. Then, the skin was cleaned with sterilized cotton. The patients were asked to keep warm, and forbidden to take a shower for 3 days. The next cupping, if necessary was applied 2 days after.

Results: 100 cases with the history of 2 to 60 days were treated with movable cupping. After 1 to 2 treatments the symptoms disappeared in 72 cases, obviously improved in 26 cases, and not changed in 2 cases.

Conclusion: Movable Cupping functions to promote blood circulation, to expel pathogenic wind and cold invading in the skin, muscles and the Lung Meridian, resulting in curing the disease.
By Tang Xianyan.
Hospital of TCM of Mianyang City Sichuan 62l000, China.

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