Cosmetic Acupuncture for Prickly Heat Treatment

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Cosmetic Acupuncture for Prickly Heat Treatment, call this acne ‘prickly heat’, for want of a better description, as it looks more like a heat rash. The papules are small and have sharp red heads, and feels rough and gravel-like to touch. It is more common in teenage boys than girls and is very rarely seen in adults. The pimples are more on the face, and very close to the hairline on the forehead and temples. If this is true, it might be aggravated by use of hair gel and spray, together with sweat. The skin is generally pale and somewhat thin.

Traditional Chinese medicine view

● Pale, thin skin – Lung Blood and yin defi ciency.
● Many little red papules with none or very few yellow heads.
● Papules may bleed when picked by the patient.
● Healed papules leave no scars, and skin returns to smooth again.
● Papules may itch.


■ Tonify Lung yin – Lu 1, Lu 7, Ren 17 (needled in direction to face).
■ Sedate Lung yang – LI 2 sedation.
■ Purify Blood and cool heat – Sp 10, UB 17.
■ Wind elimination sedation on GB 20 and other suitable points.
■ Drink more water, eat white rice, sleep more, avoid coffee.
■ Usually three or four sessions make a substantial difference, at two sessions per week. Treatment can be terminated after this, or repeated once or twice a month if necessary (Figure 6.4). As with the treatment of acne rosacea, there are no local points used except if there are pustules. The main treatment is to tonify the yin and, if there are symptoms of Blood deficiency, to tonify Blood. The treatment stated is so effective that one sees changes in the red colour of the papules before the needles are removed after the first treatment.

Fig 6.4 Acne like prickly heat

Fig 6.4 Acne like prickly heat

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