Commonly Used TCM Vocabulary Chinese and English

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Disease caused by blood stasis; diseases resulting from blood stagnation 血瘀致病

Congenital essence ; innate essence先天性本质

Prevention of disease 疾病防御

Commonly Used TCM Vocabulary Chinese and English

Unity of the body and spirit人神合一Imbalance of yin and yang阴阳失衡

Dysharmony; disequilibrium; dysfunction of yin and yang阴阳失调

Struggle between healthy qi and pathogenic factors正邪交争

Prolonging life ; promising longevity延年益寿Cultivating health to prevent disease扶正抑邪

Pathogenic factor病理特点

Prevention and treatment of disease疾病防御和治疗

Nature of disease; 病性

States of pathogenic factors and healthy qi邪正关系

Circulation of qi and blood气血循环

Unity of opposites 对立统一

Mutual waning and waxing of yin and yang阴阳消长

Nature of yin and yang阴阳属性

Mutual transformation of yin and yang阴阳相互转化

Interrelation of yin and yang阴阳内部联系

Mutual restraint of yin and yang阴阳相互制约

Dynamic equilibrium动态平衡

Yin and yang in equilibrium阴平阳秘

Interdependence of yin and yang阴阳互根互用

Separation of yin and yang阴阳离绝

Transformation between yin and yang阴阳转化

Yang waning and yin waxing阳消阴长

Opposite and supplementary to each other相互对立相互补充

Obtaining yang from yin滋阴壮阳

Absolute predominance 绝对偏盛

Yang deficiency leading to cold阴虚生寒

Impairment of yang involving yin阴损及阳

Simultaneous consumption of yin and yang 阴阳俱损

Simultaneous deficiency of both yin and yang 阴阳俱虚

Fever due to yin deficiency 阴虚生热

Deficiency-cold syndrome 虚寒证

Strengthening yang to reduce yin扶阳退阴

Motion and variation 运动变化

Free development 条达舒畅

To be generated and to generate生我,我生

To be restricted and to restrict克我,我克

Wood is characterized by growing freely and peripherally木曰曲直

Fire is characterized by flaming up火曰炎上

Erath is characterized by cultivation and reaping土爰稼

Metal is characterized by change金曰从革

Water is characterized by moistening and downward flowing水曰润下

Wood-fire impairs the metal木火刑金

Generation between the metal and water金水相生

Transmission of disease疾病传变

Disease of the mother-organ affecting the child-organ母病及子

Discordance between water and fire水火不济

Theory of visceral manifestations藏象学说

Cereal nutrients水谷精微

Transmission and transformation of food传化水谷

Curative effect; Therapeutic effect疗效

Clinical practice临床实践

Storage without excretion藏而不泄

Excretion without storage泄而不藏

Sweat and blood sharing the same origin (source)血汗同源

Ascending , descending ,coming in and going out升降出入

Postnatal base of life后天基础


Qi serves as the commander of the blood气能摄血

Stagnation of qi and blood气血凝滞

Preventing the invasion of exogenous pathogenic factors抵御外邪入侵

Failure of qi to check the blood气不摄血

Abnormal flow of the blood离经之血

Source of the production and transformation of qi and blood气血生化之源

Essence and blood sharing the same origin精血同源

Qi stagnation and blood stasis气滞血瘀

Retention of fluid due to stagnation of qi气滞津液停

Production , distribution and excretion of the body fluid津液的生成、输布和排泄

Metabolic balance 代谢平衡

Attack by six climatic pathogenic factors外感六淫

Five endogenous pathogenic factors 内生五邪

Wind is the leading factor in causing various diseases风为百病之长

Attack by pathogenic cold外感寒邪

Cold tending to stagnate by nature寒性凝滞

Yin deficiency generating interior heat阴虚内热

Extreme heat producing wind热极生风

Internal injury due to emotional disorder七情内伤

Improper diet饮食不节


Occurrence development changes of diseases疾病传变

Conditions of constitution; Physique体质

Predominance or decline of pathogenic factors and healthy qi正邪盛衰

Body resistance机体的抗病能力

Relative predominance of yin and yang阴阳偏盛


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