Clinical research and effective points of Ear Acupuncture

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  • To review select clinically effective points in the literature search over the past 30 years to appreciate the points' effectiveness when combined with particular auricular modalities


  Research in the field of auriculotherapy substantiates the effectiveness of ear acupuncture and can inspire the practitioner to use ear acupuncture in many cases, either as the primary mode to treatment or, at least, as a supplementary option. Many studies1 demonstrate ear acupuncture’s effect on conditions such as:
• Pain control
• Respiratory problems
• Circulatory disorders
• Digestive problems
• Urological diseases
• Gynecological and obstetrical illnesses
• Pediatric diseases
• Otolaryngolic illnesses
• Ophthalmologic disorders
• Dermatologic disorders
• Diseases of the nervous system
• Acute abdominal diseases
• Reduction in body weight
• Abstinence in smoking and drinking

  Continued research is being done in many areas of the field and the practitioner is encouraged to keep abreast of studies, particularly as presented by journals in the profession as well as to document his or her own cases studies.

  In this chapter, the conclusions of several studies done in the field of auricular acupuncture are highlighted. Such research includes the use of the specific effective auricular points and the modalities used in these treatments.The material is organized according to specialties in auricular acupuncture that the practitioner can find useful in his clinical practice. Studies that are redundant are not summarized, only their more differentiating and salient aspects. For more detail as well as an appreciation of the diverse clinical success in many more areas of treatment and the selection of diverse treatment modalities, the reader should consult the original material referenced in the extensive bibliography that is found at the end of each chapter (particularly this one) that spans more than a 30-year period and close to 800 entries.

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