Clinical Applications Auricular Acupuncture

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Dingchuan and Stop Wheezing — the patient (student) was a 56-year-old female who had severe asthma most of her adult life. She needed an inhaler on a regular basis to help her breathe. One day in class as I was teaching the students about auricular medicine, she experienced an attack. As she reached for her inhaler, I suggested that she let me needle the point Dingchuan in her ear. As soon as I did, she immediately was able to breathe easier. To consolidate the treatment, I also needled the Stop Wheezing point. The student reported that she no longer requires her inhaler when she treats herself, even with pellets, on these points.

Oncology Formula for the Side Effects of Chemotherapy — one year when I was supervising a student clinic at an oncology treatment center, we saw a patient who was very tired. She told us that she had confessed to her doctor that she “felt like a slug” and her doctor told her to get used to that feeling because that is how she would feel for the rest of her life. Because Oriental medicine treats the whole person and has known success in enhancing our feelings of well being, I didn’t believe that was the way she had to feel now or for the rest of her life. I administered the Standardized Oncology Formula that I had devised as a core treatment for patients who were undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Gold magrain pellets were placed on the points and retained for about a week. The next week the patient was ecstatic. Her face and voice were animated and her spirit was exuberant. She told us that she no longer felt like a slug, but rather felt like herself and she could not wait to tell her oncologist that she felt her quality of life could return with the help of ear acupuncture. My students and I were humbled that the simple gesture of applying gold pellets to her ear was so beneficial.

The Lumbar-Sacral Area — in the course of treating a patient for a certain complaint, she also reported that her lower back, specifically in the lumbar-sacral region, was always painful. She had sought acupuncture from a renowned practitioner for this problem, but the treatment did not help. When I inspected her ear, I could see broken blood vessels in that portion of the Vertebral points indicating poor circulation in that area. I inserted an intradermal needle in an upward direction through the Lumbar area towards the Sacral vertebrae. Immediately she said her back felt perfect and years later she reports that the problem has never reoccurred.

The Prostate Point — the patient was a middle-aged man who had periodic inflammation of his prostate gland. When this occurred, his symptoms consisted of burning pain in the penis, referred pain in the perineum, incontinence, painful sex with an inability to ejaculate, painful urination, difficulty initiating the stream, urinary urgency and frequency, and night urination. When this occurred, I would treat him on an emergency basis simply by needling the Prostate point in the ear. Within 10 seconds of inserting the needle, he would become peaceful, very relaxed, and even sleepy and relieved of the pain. I would leave the needle in place for about 20 minutes. When he left the office, he no longer had the pain that accompanied his prostatitis.

The Lung Point for Skin Disorders — the patient developed a severe case of dermatitis by working in a very hot and greasy restaurant kitchen as a cook. The skin problem began as a large rash on the medial aspect of the patient’s arms, specifically originating at the cubital crease close to Lung 5 (Chize), Heart 3 (Shaohai), and Pericardium 3 (Quze), and spread outward. The skin rash was red, raised, and unbearably itchy, and became worse when at work. Initially the patient consulted a dermatologist who prescribed a cortisone cream for external application. It helped momentarily. The patient could not stop scratching the area and this contributed to making it even itchier and more inflamed. At that point the patient decided to see an acupuncturist. The acupuncturist put together a small ear acupuncture prescription consisting of the Lung point, which controls the skin; Shenmen to quiet the Heart and also to treat pain, skin problems, and inflammation; and Sympathetic for the inflammation and pain. Within seconds of application of the needles, the skin itching diminished. The patient left the office with the needles left in place in her ear. They fell out about an hour later. The results of this treatment lasted 5 days. At that point, the patient had another ear acupuncture treatment with the same points and the skin problem was resolved in less than 2 weeks.

Shenmen for Shock — following a car accident, a patient arrived at my office. He clearly was not himself. His pupils were dilated, and his eyes were glassy. He spoke in run-on sentences and was clearly disturbed by the accident. He felt he experienced some whiplash, as musculoskeletal pain began to set in. In prioritizing the treatment, I felt he was in shock and needed to be grounded. I inserted a needle into ear Shenmen and balanced the treatment with body point Kidney 6 (Zhaohai). As soon as Shenmen was needled, he settled down and became quiet and peaceful. Kidney 6 likewise served to bring his energy down and out of his head, to anchor his spirit, and to quell the trauma that he was experiencing. When he left the office, he was back to himself and did not display the symptoms of shock.

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