Clinic Study Of Blood-letting Puncture on Zusanli (ST 36)

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Objective: To observe the effect of blood-letting puncture on Zusanli (St 36).

Methods: let the patient bend his knees to show the superficial venules clearly. After general sterilization of the skin on Zusanli (ST.36) with 75% alcohol, prick the superficial veins with 3-edged needle and let out blood. The quantity of the blood should be regulated within the range of 10-15ml. After the bleeding stops, apply cupping over the area for 2-5minutes.

Results: A patient of acute gastroenteritis was treated with this method and cured 1 hour later. A patient of spleen-asthenia and anrexia was cured after 2 treatments, which was applied once a week.

Conclusion: Blood-letting puncture on Zusanli (ST 36) generates these effects: (1) eliminating congested mass and regulating Qi, purging stool and stopping diarrhea; (2) dispelling wind-evil and wetness-evil, activating blood circulation and easing pain;
(3) eliminating sputum and relieving asthma, diuresis and subduing edema; (4) nourishing liver and kidney, strengthen tendons and bones; (5) regulating menstruation and lactogenesis, promoting blood circulation to relieve pain. This method can be widely used because of its satisfactory effect.

By Han Wannian & Huangan.
Clinic of Collateral Puncture to Cause Bleeding & Acupuncture, Weishi County, Henan 452170, China

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