Chiropractor in Warren OH | Acupressure: A Drug-free Headache Remedy

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What is Acupressure? -Acupressure is the precursor to Acupuncture, the ancient healing art that comes to us from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Where Acupuncture uses needles and sometimes electricity, Acupressure uses the human hand. Using just the power and sensitivity in the hands, Acupressurists skillfully touch key points along the body's meridians to send "qi" (energy) through the pressure points releasing tension and improving blood circulation to allow the body to heal itself. One of the great advantages of Acupressure is that if you carefully follow the instructions you can do it on yourself and on your loved ones safely and easily. All you need is your hands and there are no negative side effects from its use. The use of Acupressure has been approved and recognized as a safe and effective treatment option by both the National Migraine Foundation and the National Headache Foundation. Benefits of Using Acupressure - Acupressure can be used not only to relieve pain but also to balance the energy in the body, reduce muscle tension, improve circulation and encourage deep relaxation. Acupressure can help promote overall wellness by strengthening the body's resistance to disease. How Acupressure Works to Relieve Headache Pain - Acupressure points are sensitive places on the skin that readily conduct bio-electrical impulses. These pressure points are located along energetic pathways or meridians originally mapped by the ancient Chinese and confirmed by modern Western scientists using sensitive electrical equipment. Acupressure serves to inhibit the pain signals sent to the brain by using gentle stimulation. Applying gentle pressure to specific pressure points can rebalance the body by melting away the tension that causes stress which can damage the immune system. After an Acupressure treatment the blood circulation is in proper order as is the flow of energy or "qi" which restores a sense of harmony and wellness to the body. How to use Acupressure for Headache Relief -
There are several Acupressure points that can be massaged to relieve headaches. You should get your hands on a good guide to acupressure and follow the instructions carefully being mindful of the precautions. Using Acupressure Requires Careful Study of the Instructions - If you are going to try acupressure on yourself or someone else, you need to carefully read and understand all of the instructions. You'll find a free guide to acupressure at, or you can purchase a more thorough treatment of the subject online or at your local bookstore. A quick search on your favorite video sharing website will also show you a few instructional videos where you can watch an Acupressurist doing a treatment. Acupressure as an Adjunct to Chiropractic Care for Headaches - Patients can learn to use Acupressure as a self-help therapy that will complement their chiropractic treatments. Since they can reach almost all of the pressure points themselves, patients can more deeply enhance the results of the treatments making them last even longer. Headaches are such a common ailment. Chances are you get them occasionally as most people do. If you read up on how to do Acupressure, then the next time you get a headache you can treat yourself. Better yet, give yourself Acupressure treatments on a regular basis and maybe you won't get as many headaches.

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