Chinese medicine was an unprecedented policy support, industrial development will be an opportunity to welcome changes

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   Gan 42-year-old soldier was born in family medicine. Over the past 18 years, he ran Zhongxiang City in Hubei Province in their own name to a Chinese medicine clinic. In March 2007, Gan Bing ambitious to cost 30 million yuan to take over the country Ji Chinese Medicine Hospital in Beijing to seek a wider market, but the final result, Gan soldiers is greatly disappointed - as a number of policy constraints, resulting in a hospital can not be willing to invest in large Shi punched and kicked to the end of last year, the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital has been Sazanami country to go out of business economic situation, and the final price of Gan 500 million transfer out reluctantly.

Playing with toys in the Hubei province of Gan soldiers again bold attempt, he invested 10 million yuan, will be extended to a clinic's own area of more than 800 square meters of the four-story building, and changed its name to Green Street, Zhongxiang City Hospital, at the beginning of the year officially opened. "In the past many Chinese medicine practitioners are not claiming to be Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, I myself once thought that my generation in relation to an end." Reconciled to the failure of the private doctors told "Global Entrepreneur."

May 11 evening, when Gan soldiers three days ago that the State Council issued "Regulations on the pharmaceutical industry to support and promote the development of a number of opinions", the wait to find this document online reading. "I read six times in one breath," Gan soldier said, "Chinese medicine, spring is long overdue, but after all have come." Gan also some chagrin, began to regret it too early to abandon the country economy in Beijing Chinese medicine hospital projects.

The long-term decline of traditional Chinese medicine industry is expected to usher in an upheaval. China's rural primary health care network in the 1980s, the gradual disintegration of the majority of good Chinese medicine's "barefoot doctors" have to seek alternative means of subsistence, but a huge investment by Western and Western-based health system has failed to adequately fill the gaps in basic services in rural areas at the same time, the whole community can no longer afford the growing cost of the expansion of medical expenses. In the latest health care system reform, put forward to the "equal emphasis on Chinese and Western medicine" approach, "give full play to the role of Chinese medicine" ─ ─ with its simple, then, inexpensive, inspection, security, treating disease and other characteristics, advantages, we can with the West the formation of complementary medicine. "" Opinions "is very timely introduction, mainly, and new medical reform package. Focus is on medical services, will greatly promote the construction and improvement of community hospitals." Medicine expert from the Institute of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Zhang Zhijie on the "Global Entrepreneur"说.

China's revitalization and development of Chinese medicine will be regarded as the cause of medical reform program of the new powerful supplement, it is also a manifestation of Chinese cultural soft power. The Western world has been more and more acceptable to consumers of natural medicines, the World Health Organization (WHO) 2007 years, statistics show that 40 million people around the world use herbal medicine treatment, accounting for 80% of the world's population; and the United States National Department of Health Research Institute data show that alternative medicine last year, nearly half of U.S. adults over the age of 18 have tried herbs, acupuncture and other alternative medicine.

Chinese medicine suddenly acquired an unprecedented strategic position will allow the companies in this area have benefited. Tong Ren Tang of which not only has a long history of this old and famous, it does have such a cutting-edge pharmaceutical company Hutchison Whampoa. Of course, the field of medicine is not a monologue local companies, a number of multinational companies keen sense of smell is also actively explore this treasure trove of traditional medicines. This not only includes Chinese herbal medicine as raw materials in order to develop new drugs Merck, Novartis and Eli Lilly pharmaceutical company of such world, but also including Shiseido, Unilever and other cosmetics manufacturers, and even Coca-Cola also great interest in Chinese medicine, the company Chinese medicine has always been about plans for a drink, call it formula "important no less than the original recipe."


Gan soldiers are "opinions" are the direct beneficiaries. Prior to that, because of "Drug Administration Law" which provides that only acquire "medical preparations permits" preparations, the hospital before any patients, which means that civil society inherited many of the old prescription can not be applied. This "opinion" is support of the community with skills of the old Chinese medicine Chinese medicine practitioners, those who do have curative treatment is no longer excluded people. "" Opinion "reflects the introduction of state support for the determination of Chinese medicine," Galaxy Securities analyst Li Ying Peng pharmaceutical industry told the "Global Entrepreneur", "industry has been a steady growth, investment opportunities, there has been tremendous and the opportunity."

In this regard, DU Ying necessarily agree with it. Hutchison Whampoa, as Chinese Medicine (Shanghai) Company president, Mrs that "opinions" after the introduction of "Chinese medicine will develop faster, and will attract international pharmaceutical companies and investors keen interest in Chinese medicine."

The company since 2002 has worked to create the source and chemical compound classes, including Chinese herbal medicine, including research and development of new drugs, at present the company has two kinds of Chinese herbal medicine extracted from the medicine, is the U.S. mid-term clinical trials. Some multinational companies have adopted and Yellow Medicine betting Chinese medicine. Procter & Gamble and yellow commissioned medical screening of traditional Chinese herbal medicine can be used to discover new ingredients of beauty products; Merck is trying to extract raw materials from natural anti-cancer drugs; Eli Lilly and then with Hutchison to jointly develop medical treatments for inflammatory diseases co-operation is full of anticipation.

Today, Chinese medicine industry is not plagued DU Ying who make most of the entrepreneurs, the market is too small headache, but makes policy in the development of the industry difficult. For example to make DU Ying somewhat disappointed that the production of herbal pharmaceuticals and yellow clinical registered in the country went so far as the admissibility of the lack of relevant policies.

The good news is that in recent years China has begun to support the efforts from the policy development of Chinese medicine. In 2006, the state promulgated the "National long-term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020)", which calls should be highlighted in the pharmaceutical industry to carry out theoretical innovation and research; in 2007, the state promulgated the "Outline of Chinese Medicine Innovation Development Plan "He pointed out to establish standards and norms and systems of Chinese medicine; the" opinions "is even based on the strength of support for the unprecedented development of Chinese medicine.

In addition, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has changed for decades to prohibit approval of herbal sale situation. The agency at the end of 2007 for the first time approved a herbal sale, called the Polyphenon E ointment for the treatment of certain sexually transmitted diseases, which contains the active ingredients of green tea. FDA began to accept the "Chinese way" to encourage companies to submit new drug application for a drastic increase in the listing, which led to hundreds of kinds of herbal FDA has approved to enter clinical trials, the majority of these new drugs are developed based on traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of the Chinese medicine experts, Zhang Zhijie It appears that so far can be described as ill-fated development of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine and treatment through a variety of medicinal ingredients means of aggregation, from acupuncture to Lubian tea, almost all-encompassing, but was ridiculed as some lack of scientific basis, so they requested that "abolition of traditional Chinese medicine" sound has never been thoroughly stopped. "As a quintessence of Chinese culture, Chinese medicine will have to regeneration." Zhang Zhijie said. May 8 "opinions" was unveiled, and Zhang Zhijie seriously read it at night. The next day wake up and can not help re-read it, "My biggest feeling is that this document is long overdue came out, the long-awaited."

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