Chinese Medicine For Celiac

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The Celiac disease is a problem with digestion. It is triggered by gluten, the protein found in pizza crusts, cookies, pasta, and breads. It can also be obtained from foods that contain rye, wheat, and barley. Certain oats may have gluten as well. When you eat these foods, there could be a reaction in the small intestines that could lead to the damage of its surface. The result would be the inability to absorb some of the nutrients of the foods that you eat.

The celiac disease is actually an immunity concern. And its symptoms may vary from one person to another. But once celiac is diagnosed in you, you have to go through the proper cure to address the disease right away. When it comes to Chinese medicine, acupuncture and acupressure are the best treatment procedures. With just a few sessions, these traditional ways of treating diseases can regulate the body's digestive processes while providing relief to lethargy and irregular bowel movements.

There are also Chinese herbs that can be used to treat the celiac disease. The Trifoliate orange is one of the most popular herbs used in the East for celiac. It addresses bloating and digestive upsets.

Fennel seeds are of Chinese origin as well. It is a good thing that these are widely available in the Eastern part of the world too. Fennel can help regulate the functions of the digestive tract. By taking this herb on a regular basis, you will easily recover from the effects and symptoms of the disease. To know the right dosage for you, talk to a Chinese herbal practitioner for proper guidance.

Nutmeg can also be used for the celiac disease. The Chinese traditional medicine indicates that this herb can help tone the small intestines. With regular intake, it can treat celiac and almost all other related diseases of the stomach. Nutmeg can easily be added to your drinks. Make it a hobby it to it add to certain foods as well to maximize its effects in you.

Other Chinese medicines:

Cure Celiac With Acupuncture

A treatment widely used for any ailment, it does not promise to cure celiac, but gives the patient relief from pain by treating the organs that have been affected.

Repeated acupuncture sessions have been known to help people carry on with their lives normally.

It also helps control the abdominal bloating and reduce degree of fatigue in the person.

The Ryodoraku system of acupuncture treatment is also an alternative to help treat people suffering from Celiac.

Combined with a diet chart, the patients have been observed to comment on how their pain has been reducing with every session.

Treating the small intestine, the abdominal muscles and the large intestine, the root cause is being attacked thereby controlling the condition.

When it comes to the celiac disease, both Chinese medicines and the Western natural way of healing certain health concerns convene. This is when you can cast down your doubts about Chinese medicines and just try the welcoming effects of nature through the variety of herbs and treatments indicated here. You are free to talk to your doctor about these herbs to be guided accordingly.

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