Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Treatment Insomnia

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Hong Kong is estimated that 20-30 percent population suffer from insomnia problems. Modern medicine to the cause of insomnia can be divided into physical reasons, physical reasons, the spirit of factors and causes of the four major drug categories. In Chinese medicine treatment, the cure for their own, primarily the use of Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment. Insomnia is a common disease of Chinese medicine brain. As early as 2000, China has an ancient Medical Books "via" said the disease as "Insomnia" or "not to sleep." This shows that Chinese medicine is the first understanding of insomnia.

The cause of insomnia
Ancient Chinese medicine that caused insomnia and this is "Silv injured spleen, spleen blood loss, as in Insomnia." This shows that the blood deficiency such as blood loss, Jiubing weak, the elderly period of decline and often lead to malnutrition and anaemia is the main cause of insomnia. Also known as the "Stomach Qi and does not and can not sleep," that is not catering section, dyspepsia, spleen and stomach damage can lead to insomnia.

Modern medicine to the cause of insomnia can be divided into four categories:
A good reason: such as pain, coughing, itching of treatment, or cardiogenic pulmonary asthma, gastroenteritis, such as diarrhea and vomiting, often can lead to insomnia;

Drug reason: many drugs such as caffeine, ephedrine, Isoproterenol, and so on, can lead to insomnia.
Western medicine in the treatment of insomnia
As regards treatment, traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment of the disease, mainly sleep-rule, but will have long-term use of sleeping pills drug dependence, but only a temporary solution of governance.

Chinese medicine treatment of insomnia has extensive experience of 2000, the application of the Prescription Zhuochun launched an attack a few. It is a Chinese medicine hospital on China's treatment of insomnia in a solution, this side has soothe the nerves of Yang Xin Gong, the clinical effect of the following: a total of 40 patients with treatment of insomnia, the results fully recovered 34 cases, six cases improved. Its prescriptions composed as follows:

Night cross vine 1 2 1 2 Albizia
Sang Shenzi 5 Qian Qian Xu Changqing 5
5 Bo Ziren 5 Suanzaoren money money
Schisandra 2 money Salvia 5 money (Jianfu)

In acupuncture treatment, after many years of experience in clinical practice, use of green effective in the treatment of insomnia, to the day-rule, if your baby to sleep that night Haoshui general. Its treatment of insomnia with the five points of the body parts, such as the head of the sleep three injections, ear soothe the nerves of four points. Point the hand of sleep, sleep four points of the neck and foot-2 sleep, and so on.

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