Chinese Herbs and Fertility

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The ancient Chinese followed the laws of nature. The rules and guidelines which they followed thousands of years ago are just as relevant to us today. In terms of the relationship between Chinese herbs and fertility, there is a lot to be considered. Of course, they didn't have the technology which doctors do today to help them diagnose problems so instead, relied on observation and external examination. This might have included listening carefully to a patient's voice, looking at the whites of their eyes and considering their emotional state.

Generally, Chinese medicine recognizes that we all have a vital life force (known as "Qi") which is said to move along invisible pathways along the body. These pathways go through the vital organs and are related to acupuncture points. It is the management of the energy flow between these organs which is thought, by some, to be more relevant for helping women to conceive as although Chinese herbs and fertility are linked, herbal preparations are generally given less significance than acupuncture.

There are about 150 different herbs which can be used in preparations. For most cases of infertility, up to 15 different herbs are used in combination, but the main herbs which might be used to aid fertility include ginseng, codonopsis, atractylodes, astragalus, gardenia, phellodendron, patrinia, and lonicera. It is estimated that after 3-6 months, balance in the body is restored when using Chinese herbal preparations and that around 70% of women will become pregnant within around 8 months.

What is absolutely crucial is that you understand that the use of Chinese herbs and fertility treatment must be done by a qualified practitioner who has a good reputation. Also, if you decide to use herbal preparations, these should ideally be used as part of a comprehensive holistic system rather than in isolation.

There is a holistic system which is based on the principles of ancient Chinese medicine which enables most women to become pregnant quickly by following some simple yet explosive steps. If you have been trying to conceive for a few months, you may wish to implement this tried and tested system rather than leaving matters completely to chance. If you would like to see details of this system which combines Chinese herbs and fertility treatments and which will eliminate infertility and give you the baby you so want, please visit How To Become Pregnant Quickly


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