China Filter Cloth City - Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province Tiantai County

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Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province is located in the East China Sea coast in the east, with a total area of 1421 square kilometers, is the State Council approved the southeast coastal open cities, the territory of the state 4A level Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area, its unique natural scenery, long history and splendid culture, Tiantai Buddhism in China and the birthplace of Southern Sect of Taoism, Chi Kung "living Buddha" for his homeland. Tiantai Guoqing Temple is the birthplace of Buddhism in Japan and South Korea.
Tiantai County is the largest of the filter material production bases and sales base, but also other varieties of industrial mass production of cloth. The existing industrial cloth more than 300 production enterprises, the main products are: polyester, polypropylene, polyvinyl alcohol, nylon and other synthetic filter cloth, chemical fiber silk, metal wire cloth net, non-woven, filter materials, such as acupuncture it; geotextile , coated cloth, speaker cloth, and other industries with a cloth; there is high-end membrane filter media and single-wire filter cloth, etc., a total of more than 40 varieties, more than 1000 kinds of specifications. In recent years, has developed a total of two state-level new products, 36 provincial-level new products, five patented products; the provinces a new technology enterprises, a state-level torch project, a national innovation fund, state-level a key technical innovation projects. Equipment is currently the world's most advanced Dornier weaving machines from Germany, Belgium, Picanol loom production, domestic rapier looms, and other common, a total of more than 1,600 sets loom. A total of 6785 employees, of which more than 300 college and above. Enterprises through ISO9000 quality certification are 10. Industrial cloth army of ten thousand sales people to cities and towns scattered across the country to open retail outlet, sales channel is very smooth.
Tiantai industrial cloth to filter out materials, mainly, and a large number of production of other varieties of industrial fabrics, including woven filter cloth about 40 per cent of the national market, is the largest of the filter material production bases and sales base. Some manufacturers in Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel and Hunan Zhuzhou power plants and other large enterprises supporting factories, a large number used in environmental protection, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, coal preparation, printing and so on industry, the use of bigger and bigger.
Tiantai county government in the industry is relatively concentrated with a cloth Pingqiao Zhen Industrial Park, the establishment of industrial cloth in 2001, was named provincial professional park in 2002 was named provincial characteristics industrial park, and is included in the provincial key projects . The implementation of tariff reductions for imported equipment policies, domestic equipment (purchase price of 40 per cent) to implement an incremental income tax relief policies; for more than 2 million yuan in fixed assets over the implementation of key technology projects partial financial discount policy. This year also introduced a new advanced equipment for a single discount policy, in 2000, Tiantai industrial cloth trade association, organized in cooperation with the National Dong Hwa University industrial cloth college classes, and as a National Dong Hwa University graduate student internship base; in 2001 to establish Testing Center, Zhejiang Province industrial fabrics; in 2002, with Donghua University to establish industrial cloth Advisory Committee.
China's proposed "Science Olympics, Green Olympics, environmental protection and the Olympic Games", environmental protection filtration material as the main raw material, the roof of the filter material is bound to the 2008 Olympic Games in China to make greater contribution.

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