Can You Survive Another Acupuncture Treatment?

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Acupuncture as we all know is derived from a traditional Chinese medicine. It was discovered for more than five thousand years ago.

Yet so many here in the United States shrink away when it is mentioned as an alternative to commonly practiced medicine. Why should this be, the medicine we are accustomed to here in this country cannot have been in use for more than two to three hundred years.

In this article you will learn a little the main elements of acupuncture. Many folks here in the USA do not understand that acupuncture is recommended by a lot of medical physicians in this country.

You can even get treatments in many MD offices around the country. And as of now a lot of health insurance plans do cover having the procedures done.

Much of the time the Chinese ideas of the elements sound like something of a mythology and maybe mystical to our Western Society. The traditional Chinese medicine is consists of five elements. These substances are earth, metal, fire, water and wood. These five elements do affect the body. Quite possibly you may want to investigate further than just the five elements in order to get a better understanding of the world thru the eyes of the Chinese.

The five ideas or elements above relate very closely with the idea of "qi" ie- energy of the body. When acupuncture is used it is attempting to resolve the imbalances in the five elements, as these may be causing the flow of qi to be interrupted within the body

As many of us learn, the Chinese cook at most things in the aspect of yin and yang; everything is a positive, everything is a negative. When you are thinking of yin and yang they are opposites as in the terms of spring and winter. With the different yang as representing everything dark; and the yin is considered the beauty of the world as in nature.

You will learn that the spleen and stomach are considered with dampness or yang. Also coldness is thought to be of the kidneys and bladder. Metal is associated with the large intestine, lungs as well as dryness. Then the heart and small intestine is paired with fire. You will see the wood is thought to be is associated with the liver and the gallbladder is the wind.

What is more exciting is you will be able to learn about these ancient Chinese medicine traditions. You don't have to worry about it because these studies are supported from all associations associated on this substances. Learning acupuncture will give you opportunity to learn new ideas and open up your mind to the traditional Chinese medications. Thus you will be able to find ways to live in a more healthy way.

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