Can Acupuncture Solve Infertility Problems?

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Infertility acupuncture may have started out as a ripple but in recent times, it is gathering wave-like momentum as an alternative treatment for infertility. But is it a sound and reliable treatment?

Acupuncture is still somewhat of a mystery to modern science. The fact that a reasonable explanation of how it actually works is yet to be established tends to lend a degree of skepticism from those who don't understand it. However, in the area of infertility, several studies conducted in recent years have produced encouraging results when it has been used in conjunction with modern medical techniques. Infertility is such an emotinal issue that couples, who have exhausted all possible avenues of traditional treatments without success, will then consider other alternatives.

Benefits Of Acupuncture

One of the benefits of infertility acupuncture has been it's ability to regulate ovulation and menstrual cycles as well as improving sperm mobility. It has been particularly useful in the area of in vitro fertilization(IVF). Studies have shown that this type treatment aids in the production of better quality eggs. There is a correlation between women being more relaxed during fertility treatments when undergoing corresponding acupuncture treatment. This relaxation has had the effect of aiding better egg transfer which in turn has led to higher pregnancy rates.

Are Their Disadvantages?

An obvious disadvantage of infertility acupuncture treatment lies in the fact that while it seems beneficial in aiding problems of function including irregular ovulation, it's use in treating structural problems is undetermined. However, studies generally suggest it wasn't designed to repair structural damage and this is best left to modern surgery techniques. It also requires several sessions which could be seen as a disadvantage but again, when emotion comes into play and all other avenues have failed, then this is usually just a minor inconvenience.

It's important for couples considering infertility acupuncture to be prudent in their selection of practioner. Making sure they are licensed to practice is an obvious checkpoint. Before you even consider it, a discussion should take place between you and your doctor regarding any possible side effects that may come about from medication which is already being administered and medication such as herb treatment. It is common for acupuncture practitioners to offer herb medicine in conjuction with treatment but you'll need to check with your doctor before taking these. Why? Simply that some herbs could interfere or hamper the effects of drugs you have already been prescribed.

Doing some "legwork" prior to choosing a practioner should involve speaking to friends and families. Find out whether they have had acupuncture treatment and get recommendations. Going online and participating in infertility forums is another avenue that could be pursued.

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