BMA survey—The use of acupuncture in primary care services

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A random sample of 650 UK general practitioners was selected from the BMA GP members' database of 27,922, representing 1.6% of the GP population overall and 2.3% of BMA GP members. The GPs were sent a four-page questionnaire containing 31 questions in June 1999, and an initial response rate of 43% (n = 280) was obtained, which increased to 56% (n = 365) after sending a reminder to non-responders. Some respondents did not answer all of the questions; the percentages reported here were calculated from the varying number of responses provided to each question, and these numbers are indicated. For main questions the number of 'no replies' is stated. The timescale used was whether the GP had ever used CAM, in particular acupuncture, in their treatment options.

Major aims of the survey were:
1. To determine the extent to which acupuncture services are now being offered to patients via primary care services in the UK
2. To investigate GP opinions on who should provide acupuncture treatment
3. To investigate reasons why GPs may not arrange acupuncture treatment for their patients
4. To investigate levels of knowledge and training of acupuncture among GPs
5. To assess GP attitudes towards the provision of acupuncture in the NHS.

A summary of the main results can be seen in the discussion section, page 77.

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