BMA and CAM acupuncture courses

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A BMA survey of CAM bodies (1993) reflected that there was a considerable range of standards, aspirations, and levels of training for practitioners of CAM therapies. At one end of the spectrum, the discrete clinical disciplines require levels of training commensurate with the responsibilities such therapists have to patients in their care, and courses for such disciplines are now likely to be degree equivalents. A BMA survey of UK higher education establishments in 1996 revealed that over 100 modules or complete courses in CAM subjects were being provided in universities, medical schools and faculties of nursing (Morgan et al., 1998). Little information, however, was provided about specific research projects or research infrastructure, and none related directly to acupuncture.

The BMA 1993 report recognised that particular skills need to be acquired in order to achieve competence in different therapies, and highlighted the General Medical Council's statement that a question of serious professional misconduct may arise by "a doctor persisting in unsupervised practice of a branch of medicine without having the appropriate knowledge and skill or having acquired the experience which is necessary ". Therefore, doctors (and nurses, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals) may undertake specialised training to provide them with the necessary skills to understand and / or carry out acupuncture or other CAM therapies. One provider of CAM treatment specified that treatment is "complementary to conventional medicine and not alternative" and that all staff are members of the appropriate state registered health professions (RLHH, 1997). The BMA recommended in Complementary Medicine: New Approaches to Good Practice (BMA, 1993) that all medically qualified practitioners who wish to carry out acupuncture (and indeed any CAM therapy) should undertake recognised training in that field.

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