Blood,Yin,Yand and Qi In Acupuncture

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      Having briefly encountered the yin and yang, we now need to consider them in more detail.We can diagramatically represent yin and yang by two 'towers', providing an easy visualization of an imbalanced state.We can also split the yin and yang towers into two extra columns, called Blood and Qi, and we will work with these four towers throughout this book, which will increase our understanding and application of therapy points.We will be able to see clearly the imbalance we are working with and the required therapy - what needs to be tonified or sedated-will become clear as we analyse these towers.

      The terms Blood, yin, yang and Qi are used in many books and by numerous practitioners.However, each person who reads these terms will understand them in their own unique way.Therefore, I wish to explain in advance what I personally mean by these four terms (Table 1.2), so that it will be clear to the reader.

Table 1.2 Blood,Yin,Yang and Qi
Blood Yin Yang Qi
Nutrition Moisture Heat Function
Skin thickness Skin moisture Skin temperature Opening and closing function of pores
Thick fluid hin fluid Inflammation Adaptation to temperature changes


Sweat fluidity Redness Firming,holding in
Vulnerability Dryness Paleness Sensitivity
Healing Cracking,peeling Marbling Elimination when necessary

Now,let us consider each of these one by one.

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