(BL-2) Gathered Bamboo ZANZHU - Acupuncture Points

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[(BL-2) Gathered Bamboo ZANZHU - Acupuncture Points]In a depression at the medial end of the eyebrow, directly above

BL-2 Gathered Bamboo ZANZHU -1

BL-2 Gathered Bamboo ZANZHU -1

the inner canthus of the eye.
How to find
As the location of the eyebrow can vary, the medial canthus of
the eye should be used for reference (➞ BL-1). Palpate for a
generally pressure-sensitive depression in this area of the orbital
ridge. Caution: According to Sobotta, except in rare cases, BL-2
is not located on the supraorbital foramen (mainly located more
laterally), but in the area where the supratrochlear artery and the
supraorbital nerve emerge (frontal notch).
➞ BL-1 is located inferior to BL-2.
0.3–0.5 cun obliquely from lateral to medial or transversely
(subcutaneously) in the direction of the disorder. Caution: Branches
of the frontal nerve, facial nerve, blood vessels! According to the
majority of authors, moxibustion is contraindicted. Considered a
less risky alternative to ➞ BL-1.
● Benefits the eyes
● Expels external pathogenic factors such as Wind, clears Heat
● Clears the head
● Moves Qi in the Bladder divergent channel (for example, for
painful haemorrhoids)
Special features
Important and frequently used local point for the eye region.
Good point for excess and Heat syndromes of the eye region:
prick to bleed (puncture the point and let it bleed), but avoid
facial haematoma.

BL-2 Gathered Bamboo ZANZHU -2

BL-2 Gathered Bamboo ZANZHU -2

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