BL-10 Heavenly Pillar TIANZHU - Acupuncture Points

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BL-10 Heavenly Pillar TIANZHU -1

BL-10 Heavenly Pillar TIANZHU -1

[BL-10 Heavenly Pillar TIANZHU - Acupuncture Points] Approximately 1.3 cun lateral to ➞ Du-15, where the trapezius
muscle inserts on the lower border of the occiput, close to where the major occipital nerve emerges.
How to find
With the patient’s head in an upright and relaxed position, first
locate ➞ G.B.-20 below the lower border of the occiput and
between the insertions of the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius
muscles. From there, palpate in a medial and inferior direction at
a 45° angle, until the finger comes to a halt against the bulge of
the trapezius muscle. This is the location of BL-10. For reference:
If the practitioner places their left middle finger on
➞G.B.-20, the (shorter) index finger will be pointing to BL-10.
Located on the same level is ➞ Du-15 (approximately 1.3 cun
lateral to the midline and superior to the axis (first palpable spinous
0.5–1 cun vertically or slightly obliquely in a dorsal direction.
Caution: Do not needle in a superior direction.
● Regulates the Qi, calms Wind and the shen, benefits the head
and sensory orifices
● Opens the channel
● Strengthens the lower back
● Expels Wind

BL-10 Heavenly Pillar TIANZHU -2

BL-10 Heavenly Pillar TIANZHU -2

Special features
Window of Heaven point. Important point for expelling (internal
and external) Wind. In contrast to ➞ G.B.-20, BL-10 is used in
clinical practice mainly for pacifiying internal Wind.

BL-10 Heavenly Pillar TIANZHU -3

BL-10 Heavenly Pillar TIANZHU -3

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