Behind Acupuncture

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Acupuncture started out as an ancient oriental medical technique. It consists of inserting and manipulating a series of extremely small needles into specific points on the body. The purpose at Acupuncture Orlando is generally relieving pain, but it can have a whole array of beneficial influences on your body. Traditional Chinese medicine is thought to be the source of this wonderfully beneficial practice, known as acupuncture although not only Chinese, but other types of acupuncture (such as Tibetan or Japanese) are practiced at acupuncture Orlando and worldwide to this day.

At Orlando acupuncture, acupuncture works because of its centered action on what are commonly known among experts as the main acupuncture points. There are twelve main meridians on which these can be found, as well as eight extra meridians. They somehow add up to fourteen channels through which blood flows together with what is known in the eastern culture as Chi. Extra tender points which might not belong to any channel in particular are also included in the Orlando acupuncture routine sometimes, as they are believed to be points where energy stagnates.

Acupuncture is the result of a medical paradigm that has developed beginning with ancient China, over thousands of years. It is a common belief of Orlando acupuncture and Chinese medicine that the body can only be healthy if there is a perfect balance between yin and yang. The Chi, also sometimes spelled as Qi, but pronounced as in the first spelling, is also a central element of traditional Chinese acupuncture as well as medicine in general. Its sense is fairly broad and difficult to explain, but the most widely accepted translation would be “vital energy”. It is this energy that needs to flow freely in order for everything to be in mint condition in a person’s body.

The Chi is believed to be essentially immaterial, therefore as belonging to the yang. Implicitly, its material counterpart is theoretically the blood (this being slightly different as a concept from the physiologic blood we all think of, although there’s a rough equivalence between the two). The point of Orlando acupuncture is to set the flows of Chi and blood to its right parameters through the appropriate treatment. Where there is a lack of activity, acupuncture acts in the right points in order to tone as much as necessary; if excess exists in any area, it has a draining action, and wherever energy stagnates, free flow is strongly promoted and enhanced at acupuncture Orlando.

People can benefit from the wonderful action of acupuncture Orlando in order to relieve all sorts of pains or unpleasant sensations and manifestation of the body. Apart from simply enhancing the general functions, acupuncture Orlando also helps relieve muscular pains and more.

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