Beautiful sharp increase in complaints against beauty trap three issues - the beauty centers, beauty salons, beauty - hairdressing industry

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Handled a 1,500 yuan in card beauty, beauty shop was empty at night, not only money, and cosmetics could get it back. Last year, consumer Ms. Lee's experience made her very angry. In recent years, similar to the beauty services, has been the focus of consumer complaints. Yesterday, the City Consumers Association, Bureau of Industry and Commerce jointly issued 12,315 systems to statistics, last year the two institutions received the cosmetic consumer demand up to 1006, up 20.9% year on year, these disputes involve 39 beauty institutions.

Hype hard to fulfill Last January, Miss Xiao see advertised in a beauty salon, hospital plan to introduce the high-tech equipment, weight loss magic. Miss Xiao immediately organized a 1,200 yuan, 30 times to lose weight card, but then she found other ways to lose weight but only with acupuncture, the instruments the market price is only 200. Nowadays, the concept of speculation in technology, hype mislead consumers, has become the common beauty sector "Fudge" trick.

In addition, some cosmetic body to "free beauty" and under the cover for the bait and eventually force the consumer, hurt the consumer. Last year in May, Ms. Xing salesman in a beauty salon free trial facial persuaded, induced in the beautician to do the annual card sheets 680, do 48 times, valid for 2 years and printed on the card, "warned in do not make up for lost. " Done three times, Ms. Xing feel no effect, but the face knots increasing to require the refund has been rejected. Miss Song was forcibly conscripted by the staff of beauty salons "free beauty", then organized a beauty 15 300 yuan card. Can only do once, she has some serious allergies.

Beauty in the sale of cards, the operator often resorted to a very attractive concessions and commitments, but immediately betray you after the sale. She has a beauty salon, beautician practices feel good that the beautician beauty salon is Ms Wang promised a fixed beautician. Ms. Wang to do so after a year card, but beauticians substitutions, and promised to do before the gift card is also no sign of the product.

Easily back of the card is difficult to do card

Miss Song in a beauty salon to do card to do, not long ago that the beauty salon address migration, far from her home, come and go very inconvenient. Miss Song requests the refund to find beauty consultations, but firmly reclaim the hospital. Miss Jia shopping in August last year, received a leaflet, saying early this year, a beauty salon to open a branch in Port Arthur, apply for pre-sale card will be very favorable. She organized the annual card, drag now, this store has not opened.

Easy to do card back card hard, beauty services complaints, the sale of cards accounted for a substantial proportion of disputes. Some unscrupulous operators income consumers money, not to honor its commitments, even playing the missing patients to place of business relocation, revocation of the ground, escaping with money deserted. There are a few cosmetic changes to corporate bodies, or after the suspension, the operators do not accept the original agreement by providing services to cardholders, and some even forced to spend money and old customers to buy their products again to continue to provide services, giving rise to consumer disputes .

Ms. Liu organized in a beauty salon beauty with a value of 5,000 yuan card, get a 5 discount. The beauty salon was bankrupt, she was transferred to another service beauty salons, beauty salon, but the new agreement can not provide benefits according to the original card. Liu F fujiki left more than 3,800 yuan in the balance, she would like to apply for a refund but was told not work.

"Three noes" of products are kept hidden

Last January, Ms. Wang in the Jinzhou District of acupuncture weight loss in a salon, pay 800 yuan to do 10 times of acupuncture. Beauty salon, said her weight loss but can also treat conditions such as leg swelling, and asked her not to eat at night. Ms. Wang made two, the body does not show the operator admitted that she was not suitable for weight loss.

Also many complaints of similar beauty. Some beauty salons use medical means to do, bring a lot of hidden dangers. At the same time, not even any sign Zhicijiagao the "three noes" products, homemade products, popular in some salons. Ms. Lee in a salon facial, face a serious allergy. Later found that the use of cosmetics, beauty is the "three no" products. Last year in August, Ms. Wang in a beauty salon, a period of time, facial swelling and a large area. To the hospital, doctors found that high levels of hormones used in cosmetic result.

Also fail due beautician skills, sense of duty, harm caused to consumers. Very fact that last May in a salon bleaching of the lips, the results from the full lips blisters, 3 months still lingers. Some beauticians doing facial scratch when the excessive means consumers face, eyebrow shaping, some beauticians cut when the customer skin, massage the neck sprain.

City Consumers Association warned consumers

Beauty in the selection or acceptance of services, to achieve "six to": a look at the beauty centers qualification; 2 depends on qualified beauticians; 3 to see beauty equipment status; 4 Beauty agreement to be signed; 5 to check mark cosmetics; 6 To save the certificate so effective consumption.

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