Are Massages For Fertility Worth It?

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There are several treatments and remedies that promise to improve fertility and increase the chances of conception, including assisted reproductive technologies (ART), specific alterations in lifestyle and fertility massage. Couples who are experiencing infertilityare recommended to consult with a family physician at an experienced office in their neighborhood to see what treatment is best for them. Patients seeking other ways that don't involve drugs or various procedures have turned to alternative remedies such as massage, exercise and acupuncture.

The idea behind fertility massage is to loosen entangled tissue to reduce stress on reproductive organs. The process is designed to stimulate natural hormones and to increase blood flow to reproductive organs. There are some methods used to treat infertility including Reflexology, the Wurn Technique and Reiki.

In Reflexology, the therapist will massage areas of the hands and feet that correspond with other areas of the body that may cause infertility. This technique is dependent on the thought that particular places on the feet and hands are associated with specific internal organs and that by massaging these areas on the hands and feet, the corresponding internal organs are also treated. Some studies have shown that this may be an effective treatment for infertility, although most agree that further studies must be conducted.

The Wurn Technique is created to reduce any uncomfortableness for women who experience pain during intercourse. Adhesions in the pelvic region may be very painful and may also block the fallopian tubes, which may lead to infertility. The Wurn Technique is meant to break down adhesions to relieve the pain and any blockage of the fallopian tubes.

While the fertility massage is being performed, pressure is applied to the area causing problems, which is usually in the abdomen and pelvic region. The tissue is manually manipulated during the therapy session. This procedure has shown to be very effective in improving fertility according to various studies.

The objective of Reiki is to assist in relieving stress and relaxation for women. Reiki is based on the belief that a life force or energy travels through all living things. The therapist will move their hands down the body, starting at the head, to channel the energy accordingly. Some women have indicated that this technique has produced positive results, although there is no scientific evidence backing their claims.

For more information about these techniques and their effectiveness, patients and couples should consult a fertility specialist in their area.

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