Acupuncture Video Course Lesson 28 - Shoulder Bi-syndrome And Bulbar Paralysis

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Shoulder arthralgia, that leakage shoulder wind, is shoulder pain, limited shoulder mobility of a disease. The series focuses on the TCM acupoints along with features and Ashi Hegu acupuncture point selection, distribution points, way. Bulbar palsy, also known as palsy, a hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing and drinking a group of anti-choking syndrome group. Three series introduces the dialectical term debt based methods, treatment of non-space-occupying lesions caused by palsy of the acupoints and techniques. Heilongjiang College of catalog production, the Executive Editor Sunshen Tian, Jia Min a, Length, 48 minutes.

Notice:This video is ENGLISH&CHINESE , so if use Headphones,you only use one side which have english explain(just have a try). If you use Speaker , Adjust the left and right Audio channels in your computer.

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