Acupuncture Video Course Free (Full)

There is 29 lessons in this Acupuncture Video Course,and I hope this videos can become your guide , and lead you to learn acupuncture deeply.

Acupuncture is one of the principal components (along with herbalism, massage and other therapies) of an age-old system of medicine known as Chinese medicine. (Throughout this book the term Chinese medicine is used to mean the theory of medicine which originated in China in antiquity and has formed the theoretical basis of the medical systems which developed in China and its neighbours, such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam). This is one of the very few traditional medical systems which continues to hold its own in the face of the dominance of the Western medical model. Based on ancient texts, it has been the subject of continuous study, assessment and clinical experience over thousands of years, treating many millions of patients.

How to Watch

Notice:These videos is ENGLISH&CHINESE , so if use Headphones,you only use one side which have english explain(just have a try). If you use Speaker , Adjust the left and right Audio channels in your computer.

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Acupuncture Course Videos

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  1. EMace1987 says:

    Is there a way I can download these videos?

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