Acupuncture University: What to Expect

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Find an Acupuncture University in the United States and Canada. Aspiring students who desire entrance into an acupuncture university should first evaluate prospective school for any course prerequisites. While entry into an acupuncture university may not always necessitate an undergraduate degree, many ACAOM accredited schools do require some formal education; and some Oriental medicine schools prefer candidates that have already acquired a bachelor's degree.

As expected, an acupuncture university will offer students comprehensive courses in acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Some of this coursework could lead to a Master of Science or Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Depending on which track you follow, an acupuncture university will supply you with the necessary education, skills and hands-on training to become a successful acupuncture practitioner.

Once enrolled in an acupuncture university, students who are pursuing a Master of Science will gain intensive training in Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture principles, modalities, techniques, and theories. In addition, acupuncture university candidates will learn about biology, medical terminology, biochemistry, physics, general psychology, anatomy and physiology. Though this is just a broad overview of general curriculums provided through an Acupuncture University's Master of Science program, there is much more subject matter that will be discussed and learned.

In the Doctor of Oriental medicine program, which often goes hand-in-hand with studies extended through an acupuncture university, students will discover that this course-intensive program includes much of what is taught through the Master of Science program but with more advanced classes in medical microbiology, medical biochemistry, integrative medicine, and many others. Both the Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Master of Science programs offered at an acupuncture university usually involve over 4,000 credit hours and may last from two to three years.

Upon successful graduation from an acupuncture university, graduates can go onto becoming certified and licensed in their state of residence. Aside from offering patients a quality, but alternative medical treatment, professional acupuncturists can expect a rewarding career and positive income potential.

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Acupuncture University: What to Expect

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