Acupuncture Treatment Of 9 Cases Under Decortical State (Human Vegetable)

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【Abstract】 This paper reports that Fengfu(DU16) and Yamen (DU15) were selected as main acupoints for treating 9 cases under decortical state ("Human Vegetable"). Among them, one was cured basically; 4 markedly effective; one effective and three uneffective.

【Author】 Li Dingming*;Guo Xiaorong**;Li Ying*** * Shanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China** Occupation Disease Hospital of Shanxi Province, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China*** Affiliated Hospital, Shanxi College of TCM, Taiyuan, Shanxi. China

Decortical state caused by severe cranial injury is a specific state with disturbance of consciousness, in which the cerebral cortex is extensively damaged, but the subcortical func- tion partly remains.  Like plants the patients in this state only maintain the minimal living function, such as respiration, nutrient, meta- blism, secretion and excretion.   Therefore, the patients  are usually called  "Human  Vegetable''. For a long time, there have not been effective therapeutic met'}ods for this disease, and it has been considered to be incurable and has become a serious social problem.

In order to explore an effective thereapeutic method for "Human Vegetable'", from October 1987 to May 1990, we treated 9 cases with acupuncture based on the experience of treatment on cerebral  hemorrhage,  and  had got an initial effect.  Hereby, the results are reported as following:

I.  Range of Treatment
1 .Determination of  patient  under decortical state (Human Vegetable). The patients' symptoms and signs are as follows:
(1)loss  of  expressive  ability;  (2)  no emotion;   (}) failure on speaking and acting; (4) existence of sleeping and awaking cycle. eyes' turning and winking, but without cons-
ciousness; (5) incontinence of stool and urine; (6) paralytic limbs in posture of decortical and decerebral rigidity,  without any  spontaneous action;  (7)  the  above  mentioned  conditions lasting more than two months; (8) existence of functions of heart, lung, kidney, stomach and intestines, etc, steadiness of life signs such as blood  pressure,  palpitation  and breath,  but unnecessary for them to have external maintenance.

2.  General data of 9 Human Vegetables
Of 9 cases in total, 6 were male and 3 female; the eldest was 60 and the youngest 24, with the average of 35 years old.  The course of disease ranged from 2 to 30 months, on average 7.5 months.  The cause of disease referred to serious traffic accident, drug and gas poisonings, cerebral arteriosclerosis and hemorrhage, etc., which all resulted in the extensive damage of cerebral cortex.  All of the patients had been treated with western medical methods initially.


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