Acupuncture treatment for vision improvement

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With a history of 2500 years, acupuncture has long been used to improve human health. Energy in the human body flows continuously through several channels or meridians. Many people may suffer pain or disorder in certain parts, the reason of which is actually certain blockage of meridians in these parts. Acupuncture aims at removing these blockages. Commonly known as “Qi”, acupuncture uses needles to prick on those problematic points, in order to facilitate better energy flow and ease pain.

Recent studies have provided scientific support for acupuncture treatment. Several MRI brain scans have found corresponding brain responses when certain parts of the body are stimulated by acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture is painless and highly effective in treating vision problems. This traditionally Chinese treatment is always given to various parts including the foot, although its purpose is to improve eyesight.

According to Chinese acupuncture professionals, the impaired functioning of the liver is the major contributor to vision disorders. As a result, most acupuncture practitioners use needles to strengthen the liver and restore energy balance associated with the liver. In some cases, acupuncture treatment for eyesight may also focuses on the relieving of stress, depression and anxiety, because these factors are also reported to cause vision problems.

Besides visual disorders, acupuncture has also been taken to treat a lot of healthy conditions, promoting better health and preventing illness. Proven by plenty of scientific studies all over the world, acupuncture has been widely accepted by patients and recommended by many medical institutions. One of the most important advantages of acupuncture is that it can open blocked channels quickly and painlessly. A pity is that some people are afraid of being pricked with needles, which are actually very thin and quite safe.

Acupuncture treatment should be quite precise that one wrong needle may lead to major problems, so that the selection of a right therapist is quite critical. In addition, acupuncture therapists on the market have varying skills and knowledge. Patients should tell the therapist all their history of disorders before getting acupuncture sessions. An acupuncture session typically costs $60 to $120 and most patients need several sessions in total.


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