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It’s within human nature to be reticent towards the unknown. Beginning to follow a medical treatment is becoming more and more complicated nowadays, especially since conventional medicine is not always as reliable as it seems. Orlando acupuncture is among the forms of alternative medicine that are gaining more and more ground, thanks to the excellent results in treating a wide variety of illnesses.

Menopause is among the many conditions that are brilliantly treated by acupuncture Orlando. Symptoms like hot flashes or night sweats are extremely common, with up to eighty percent of women experiencing them. The consequences come to affect nearly all the aspects of their lives; they become tired and irritable, and general mood disturbances are only a step away. Orlando acupuncture is successful in treating the stress associated with menopause - issues related to gynecology and hormones that are traditionally among those treated best by traditional Chinese medicine.

There’s a main difference between the acupuncture Orlando approach and that of conventional medicine when it comes to menopause (and not only). In Western society, the symptoms in question are treated as if they belonged to any other disease, and women are simply given prescription drugs and hormones. When it comes to acupuncture Orlando, the difference comes from the fact that in traditional Chinese medicine, menopause is seen as a natural part of the aging process. Implicitly, any imbalance or unpleasant sensation is the sign of something wrong from within, and the inner imbalance is to be treated, rather than simply the symptoms.

Tendonitis, popularly known as the ‘tennis elbow’, is an example of chronic pain which Orlando acupuncture can also treat successfully. It’s mostly athletes that experience this kind of problem, but it can appear in all sorts of situations, as long as the elbow tendons are put to repetitive use. This causes a series of little tears which would normally disappear thanks to the natural healing powers of your own body, but the use of the same area over and over slows the healing process down.

Orlando acupuncture incorporates the approach that energy flows through a series of pathways throughout the body. Wherever there’s an energy dam, the most common thing we all feel is pain. By inserting small needles into the right points, the flow of energy is reestablished within the body, and pain is hence relieved. This way, by stimulating energy flow and breaking blockages, acupuncture Orlando allows your body to begin healing itself effectively at last.

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  1. Neil John McIntyre says:

    I am studying a Batchelors degree in acupuncture, been going three weeks. What can you advise me to learn best, there is heeps of books available, & is difficult to really understand.
    Good health & good luck
    Neil in Australia.

    • Mark Whitham says:

      Hi Neil - in my second year of BSc here in England. Books wise, get Giovanni Maciocia The Foundations of Chinese Medicine and the Peter Deadman - "A Manual of Acupuncture" really these are all you will need !!! Both really thorough and easy to read. There are loads of books and although these two are expensive, if you are serious then they are worth every penny Good Luck.

  2. Roy Figueroa says:

    Hi Neil,

    What is the best way to learn pulse dianosis and tongue diagnosis? Best...

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