Acupuncture Point Unbalance in Clinical Data by Means of New Data Analysis

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Acupuncture Point Unbalance in Clinical Data by Means of New Data Analysis , Some differences in the quantitative bio-electrical behavior of 55 acupuncture points were investigated, with respect to the sex of the patients and to the body side, left or right.

A set of 35 patients was considered. All patients had just consulted the physician due to arterial hypertension disorders, although no medical treatment had been applied yet. The Acupuncture point measurements were conducted at the Medical Center of Acuscope Italia srl. An Orthoqen 200 diagnostic apparatus was used to measure the bio-electrical response of the acupuncture points to an electrical stimulus. The numerical response was parameterized by means of two independent values that were acquired and digitized in real time. The two parameters quantify the swiftness (parameter A) and the intensity (parameter B) of reaction of the single acupuncture point when an external stimulation is applied. A first analysis, conducted over the whole pool of 55 acupuncture points via a non parametric median test, shows that the bio-electrical behavior is different for males and females, both for the left side (Chi square 1=21.4) and the right side (Chi square 1=41.7). The behavior is different as well if a yin-yang analysis is made, comparing the left side of females to the right side of males (Chi square 1=17.1), or the right side of females to the 1eft side of males (Chi square 1=78.7). At the same time, no difference is detected between the left and right side, neither within males (Chi square 10.7, parameter A). Such a strong dependency, together with the high variability among individuals found for females, might easily bury differences among the various acupuncture points, differences that are of great biological and clinical interest. At present we are trying new approaches to this problem, in order to refine our quantitative understanding of Chinese Traditional Medicine. In particular 7 acupuncture points shows a particular statistical behavior strictly related with energetically relationship of arterial hypertension.
By Genhoni V, Aschero G., Fuda F, Wusler A.& Li Xiaoming
Institute of Odontostomotology, Bologna University of Medicine, Italy

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