Acupuncture for Weight Loss – Newest Dieting Method That Is Also Good For Your Health

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Acupuncture has gained global recognition and acceptance from the time of its introduction originating in Asian countries like Japan, Korea and most especially China. There are many benefits seen with this method, making it an unprecedented remedy to cure and give therapeutic, calming effect to the body. However, more and more research has linked acupuncture as an effective method of weight loss.

What is acupuncture and why is it related to weight loss?

To undergo this method, acupuncturists use sterilized stainless steel needles in different parts of the body that are considered focal pressure points. It is ancient belief, especially for the Chinese, that the body is composed of two forces, the yin, which is the cold part, and the yang, which is the hot portion of the body. When these two forces lose balance, life energy malfunctions and causes sickness and ailments.

The relation of acupuncture in weight loss comes from the concept that this method allows the proper function of vital organs in the body like kidneys, liver, nervous system and lungs. It boosts the body’s ability to produce endorphins. Consequently, it helps in the reduction of hunger pangs and cravings especially for carbohydrate-rich foods. It also acts as an appetite suppressant to lessen food intake in several intervals within the day.

Are their negative comments about acupuncture vis-à-vis weight loss?

While some people believe in the use of acupuncture to lose weight, some are quite skeptical about it due to claims that this method doesn’t have direct effect to the body in order to shed extra weight and appetite suppression. Still others would attribute the outright effect of this process in giving therapeutic remedy like treating muscle pain, thus boosting the performance level on workout routine eventually leading to losing fats.

The issue of obesity is becoming rampant and resorts, such as acupuncture, to cater to this problem, is a good indication of the growing resistance to unhealthy lifestyle. After all, natural ways of losing weight is still the best option to take.

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