Acupuncture Eases Tension Headache Pain

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The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture has proven to be an
effective treatment for tension headache. It not only relieves
pain, but also cuts rates of recurrence by almost half, a recent
study indicates.

Traditional Chinese acupuncture therapy involves insertion of
needles up to 3 inches deep into the body at prescribed
acupuncture points, according to licensed acupuncturist Rong
Zeng of the New York Good Health Clinic in Manhattan.

However, a new, randomized blind study in Germany involving 270
patients with a similar severity of tension headache has shown
that a minimal course of acupuncture works almost as well as the
traditional method.

Fewer Headaches After Treatment

Researchers divided the patients into three groups. Over an
eight-week period, one group was treated with traditional
acupuncture, another received minimal acupuncture (needles
inserted only superficially into the skin at non-acupuncture
points), and the control group had neither treatment.

The subjects were monitored for four weeks after their period of
treatment. Those who had received traditional acupuncture care
subsequently experienced seven fewer headaches. The group that
had been given minimal acupuncture therapy had surprisingly
similar results -- 6.6 fewer headaches.

The control group did not fare as well, with only 1.5 fewer

Improvements in headache rates continued for months after the
acupuncture treatment, though they began to rise slightly as
time went on.

Results Subject to Interpretation

Such a negligable difference in results between traditional and
minimal acupuncture treatments possibly indicates that the
location of acupuncture points and depth of needle insertion do
not make a major difference for treatment of tension headache,
the authors of the study suggest.

However, they caution that the possibility of placebo effects
should not be overlooked.

"Placebo effect is a factor in all types of medicine," Dr. Zeng
noted. In western medicine, for example, blind tests may reveal
placebo effects that are similar to responses to trial drugs,
she explained.

In any case, it is clear that the patients who received
acupuncture treatment experienced fewer headaches. The
possibility that placebo effect plays a role in acupuncture does
not detract from its efficacy.

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