Acupuncture Degrees – The Importance Of Accreditation

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With the rising popularity of alternative and natural healing medical practices patients don't want to worry if their doctor is eligible to practice medicine. Accreditation in every medical field is established to not only protect the patient but the doctor as well. Students looking into attending college for acupuncture should not take the accreditation standard lightly.

There are a number of colleges who are certified to educate individuals in the specialized field of acupuncture. Students should check for accreditation prior to applying for admission to any acupuncture college. This first initial step will not only ensure the education obtained is legitimate, but that the individuals' time and money is not being wasted on a degree that won't be accepted in the medical field. Colleges must meet criteria set forth by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in order to gain accreditation and become an institute for higher learning.

ACAOM has dedicated itself to the advancement of education in acupuncture and oriental medicine schools and colleges throughout the country. The accrediting commission creates standards to approve schools and colleges that provide accurate programs for the training of acupuncture practitioners. The commission seeks to develop, maintain, and improve the educational standards and promote research and training in the science, art, use, and application of the medicine. Encouragement for the improvement of conditions in education and practice within the industry is a common topic discussed and implemented.

The commission strives to accomplish quality education and ensure a proper education for individuals who are bettering themselves through higher education. The members encourage institutional self-improvement through self-study and assessment. The commission assures that an institution or program has clearly defined objectives, has resources to help students attain those objectives, and puts forth a continued effort to obtain evidence that objectives are being met.

A colleges mission statement will be written on the conditions set forth by the commission. Colleges strive to be one of the best in providing an overall education. A mission statement may include the dedication to providing future practitioners with an in-depth understanding in the correct knowledge and practice of natural healing medicine while adding a foundation in clinical sciences. Accredited acupuncture degree programs strive to provide students with the ability to be highly successful within the industry. They commit to educate students with the essential skills to diagnose, treat, prescribe, and understand a patient's medical condition.

The importance of gaining a degree from an accredited program is highly important. Earning a degree under the established regulations set forth by ACAOM ensures a correct and usable education. There are over 60 schools and colleges that are accredited or are candidates for accreditation within the standards set by the commission. The regulations ensure that colleges will continue to strive for excellence in order to maintain their accreditation. Taking a simple step to ensure accreditation will save you, the prospective student, time and money.

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