Acupuncture - Assisting Infertility Through Better Ovarian Function

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In the past, acupuncture has stirred images of zither music (i.e. a stringed instrument having 30 to 40 strings over a shallow horizontal soundboard and played with pick and fingers), darkened rooms and incense burning. Toss in the added visual of needles sticking in the flesh and surely, no one in their right mind would consider venturing into this alien world seeking Oriental magic to improve their health and general well being.

Of course, the answer is yes. People have sought and will continue to seek traditional Chinese treatments and have been rewarded with better health. On the other hand, going into this new world of treatment many may are worried about the pain they may have to experience in order to attain a higher level of health but rest assured being stuck with acupuncture needles produces only a momentary twinge that soon disappears. However, a common side effect is an occasional light bruise that may remain on the treated area for short time.

In a nutshell, the basic principal behind acupuncture is one of energy flow. Channels of energy, known as meridians, flow through and over the surface of the body and whenever any impedance to this free flow of energy occurs it results in pain, illness and disease. Some areas of the body end up with too much energy while others no longer have enough.

The placing of needles on various "points" assists in opening up the blocked areas and according to modern scientific theory, the needles stimulate the nervous system into releasing chemicals into the muscles, brain and spinal cord which help the body to heal itself.

Better Suited for Individuals with Functional Disorders
Acupuncture and infertility are akin to hand and glove when it comes to couples having functional rather than structural infertility issues. A good example of a structural infertility problem would be a woman with a damaged fallopian tube. On the other hand, couples having functional infertility would have a much higher rate of success by supplementing their standard medical treatment with acupuncture. As time passes, there has been a growing acceptance of acupuncture and infertility where acupuncture has been found to help in treating infertility.

In fact, acupuncture is increasingly being seen as a viable alternative in treating infertility problems; as a viable and complementary therapy in treating infertility. Acupuncture can also be used as a stand-alone infertility treatment in couples who experience a functional problem such as irregular ovulation. It has also been useful for some couples experiencing structural problems like a blocked sperm duct. Some treatments may also be augmented with Chinese herbs aimed at infertility.

The debate has been ongoing as to why acupuncture works for many couples in treating infertility and will probably continue for some time. However, the bottom line is that it has been shown to help regulate the body's system by improving blood flow to the reproductive organs and by helping to stabilize hormone levels. As a result, acupuncture has helped infertility in both men and women because by increasing ovarian function in females and the production of sperm in males.

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