Acupuncture and the Treatment of Acne

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hinese medicine is single in its completely different come close to treatment compared to western standards. Acupuncture and the treatment of acne explain this completely.

Acupuncture and the Treatment of Acne

Acne is a universal term given to numerous types of skin disorders that more often than not outcome from clogged pores. The most severe forms of the situation can show the way to large and painful cysts that frequently leave scarring. Away from this, the situation infrequently poses any other health threat. Acne does cause a bit of a self esteem difficulty particularly in younger people. Although the lesions over and over again come into view on the back and chest areas, the face is the most widespread area for acne outbreaks.

Western-fashion medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine are in agreement that a healthy way of life and good diet are helpful in the prevention of diet. There is, however, the ordinary lack of depth in Western remedy when looking into the root causes of the difficulty. There are lots of cases where proper diet and healthy living are not sufficient to stop outbreaks. Western-style remedy sees certain causal issues such as stress and greasy makeup as contributing to acne outbreaks, but the focus is on the current treatment of the pores themselves and not on the underlying issues.

Traditional Chinese medicine sees acne outbreaks as common as a disharmony in the natural order of the body. Over and over again the cause is seen to be the accumulation of heat. This damp heat rises from the organs and causes the blockage and subsequent eruptions of acne. So, acupuncture treatments that target the causes of the heat accumulation can be successful in clearing up the circumstance and preventing its return. There are numerous acupuncture body points that are helpful for cooling of the blood, and these are over and over again the targets.

The acupuncture treatment is usually a long term process that addresses the chronic conditions. The treatments will often need to be repeated two or three times a week over a period of time to effect a complete reversal of the disharmony. In some cases, the condition has become so severe that steps are taken to address the more acute issues first. In these cases, the treatment regime will consist of diet restrictions and possibly even herbal supplements to the acupuncture sessions.

In very severe cases, the lesions themselves can be treated with acupuncture needles directly. There are two approaches to this that are used. One is to surround the lesion with small needles. This is a process known as “surrounding the dragon.” One more approach is more a procedure similar to lancing a cyst. A very small needle is inserted straight into the lesion until pus or blood appears. This procedure is very much a merger of Western cure and acupuncture, but to the acupuncturist, it will only be helpful when coupled with the long-term treatments that address the underlying causes.

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