Acupuncture Addresses Infertility Problems

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Acupuncture took a boost when the infamous New York-based TV show "Sex and the City" featured acupuncture as an effective treatment for infertility in one of its episodes in 2003.

But the history of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine goes much further beyond that chic flick! As researchers have said, there are a good number of Americans who are struggling to conceive and have learned to embrace alternative therapies to get pregnant, and acupuncture tops the list of complementary therapies being combined with the conventional procedures such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

The roots of acupuncture originated from China for over two thousand years ago, however, it was only around two decades ago when this Chinese form of healing gained the acceptance of the western medical society.

Based on Chinese theories, the Qi, otherwise known as the body's vital energy flow must be kept healthy as health-related problems could arise once a certain part of the Qi flow is blocked, one of which is the infertility woes of most American couples.

The human body consists of various acupuncture points situated along the energy pathways, also known as the meridians. Each acupuncture point is linked to a specific organ in the body, which can be revitalized through stimulation by inserting specialized needles to the identified acupuncture point.

While acupuncture has been proven successful in treating a wide range of ailments such as anxiety, spasms, depression, as well as smoking problems, more and more people have resorted to acupuncture to find a cure to their infertility problems.

Although, recent studies showed contradicting results as to the efficiency of acupuncture as an alternative infertility treatment, most acupuncture specialists would attest that acupuncture has been proven effective in restoring the normal regulation of the vital energy flow of the body, a process that refreshes the body's health mechanism thereby stabilizing normal hormone levels.

Common sense would tell us that once the hormone levels of the body are back to normal, the blood flow likewise stabilizes, which includes those that flow through the reproductive organs that would easily translate to normal ovarian function for the ladies and increase in men's sperm production. Given that, when the reproductive systems are up and running, conception is more likely to happen next.

Moreover, studies have also shown that since acupuncture can help women to relax, IVF procedures are found to be more successful when complemented with acupuncture treatments.

In fact, a recent study involving 114 women is a testimony in itself that acupuncture is indeed effective. Out of the 114 women, 51 percent conceived after complementing IVF with acupuncture treatments while only 36 percent got pregnant with IVF alone.

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine offer you a real chance on getting pregnant. Now find a licensed acupuncturist and see what it can do for you.

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