A Report of a Case Of Arthralgia-syndrome (Bi Syndrome)

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In the United States there is a very high arthralgiasyndrome incidence especially when people are not aware that wind, cold and dampness can be the exterior pathogenic factors invading body and causing diseases. The author used different treatment strategies and combinations of acupoints according to symptoms and signs and got successful results. Now a case of arthralgia-syndrome was reported as follows: A 75-year-old man complained of pain, soreness, and numbness all over his body. The pain started from his back to his hip, knee, and ankle 4 years ago, and some times moved from his shoulder to wrist. He experienced a lot of difficulty when changing position and was very sensitive to the weather change. Since he had normal X-rays, all western medicine offered him was painkiller pill, which made his stomach very uncomfortable. He had superficial and speedy pulse, white, sticky tongue coating. This is a clear case of arthralgia-syndrome. Obviously patient didn't have a good recovery when his back muscle sprained 40 years ago. Long time weakened back muscle, Which leads to malnourishment of channels so that they become prone to invasion of external pathogenic factors, such as wind, cold, and dampness. In this case of chronic painful obstruction in the elderly, an underlying deficiency of blood and yin was present, so the second trentment strategy is to enrich blood and yin, especially kidney yin. The acupoints of the Urinary Bladder meridian, Kidney meridian, Large Intestine meridian, Stomach meridian, the Gallbladder meridian, Sanjiao meridian, Ren meridian and Du meridian were employed. The patient had too much pain to feel any needle sensation during the first treatment. He started feeling sensations and pain relief after the second one. From April 99 to July 99, he was treated once or twice per week depending on the situations. He was able to do some light yard work by May, walking exercise by June, and finally, back to golf count by August.

By Zhou Zhiqun.
Wege institute for Mind Body and Spiritual Hospital of Saint Mary Grand Rapids, MI49503, U.S.A.

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