A Look at the Different Acupuncture Needles Available

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Acupuncture needles are fine and well sterilized disposable needles. There are varieties of needles used in giving treatment to various diseases.

SEIRIN Acupuncture needles: SEIRIN is the worldwide leader in the quality needles. The painless needles from SEIRIN will reduce the pain of the patient. These needles are available with plastic or metal handles. They are made up of stainless steel. They are lightweight and ensure more comfort to he patient.

Tai-Chi needles: These acupuncture needles are well-sterilized, disposable needles. They are made up of durable stainless steel. They have silver plated spiral handles.

Nano tech needles: These needles are also made up of surgical stainless steel with plastic handles. It is fully sterilized and easy to use. The patients will be relieved from the stress and pain with the help of these needles.

DBC needles: These needles are Korean acupuncture needles. They have pipe style handle. They are easy to use and dispose.

Hwa-To acupuncture needles: These are Chinese style needles with spiral wound copper handles. They are made up of surgical stainless steel and are easily disposable.

Hua-xia needles: They are similar to Hwa-to needles.

Activa needles: They are advanced technology acupuncture needles. They are painless needles. They have pine leaf shaped needlepoint. They have twisted shaft that produces vibration during treatment.

Carbo needles: Carbo needles are Chinese style acupuncture needles with spiral wound handles.

Seven star needles: They are lightweight and easy to use needles. They have plastic handles. The pack contains seven stainless steel needles.

Bleeding needles: They are well-sterilized sharp needles with more grips. The long needle is protected by a twisted plastic cap. This needle is perfect fro-sensitive patients.

Hand needles: They have spring style metal handle. The needle has excellent features for easy insertion and release.

Kingly needles:These are the well-known Chinese acupuncture needles. They are made up of high quality stainless steel and are approved by FDA. The alloy handles in these needles offer flexibility o the user. This is used by number of acupuncture practitioners all over the world since they offer uniform and smooth insertion.

Normally the painless acupuncture needles are more beneficial for both acupuncturist and the patient. The pain will decrease the accuracy of the treatment since the patient will have more stress. Therefore, painless needles will help in getting treatment for more sittings by the patient without causing any stress and anxiety.

Silicon coated acupuncture needles: They are painless needles plated with special silicon. These needles are guaranteed to be for 100 % painless. They come with copper handles.

The use of acupuncture needles in the meridian points of the human body will help in unblocking the obstructions in the body. This will prompt the body's own ability to heal the problems. Normally the needles will cause some tingling sensation to the patient that will be tolerable. However, painless needles are available nowadays which offer more comfort to the user. Generally 5 to 10 needles are used in giving treatment. The number will vary according to the nature of the disease.

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