A Key To Faster Weight Loss: Acupuncture

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In the issue of acupuncture as a key to weight loss, it is still believed that it is not a direct way of losing. Although it can help people lose weight faster, being an adjunctive therapy, the way acupressure can help in weight loss is by lessening stress, which is a root cause for overeating.

Acupuncture is derived from two Latin words "acus" meaning "needle" and "pungere" meaning "prick". This practice is done by manipulating and inserting very fine filiform needles in specific point areas in the body. With this technique, it alleviates pain as well as other therapeutic purposes.

The acupuncture theory states that the points which the needles have to be inserted are found along the meridians of the body, which is called the qi. Qi is a type of vital energy that is said to be flowing. As for these statements, there is really no accepted anatomical and physiologic basis for such concepts in acupuncture due to the fact that most Acupuncturists view them in their functional term, more than its structural term. It is famously known that acupuncture is safe to use, especially if it is done by a highly experienced and trained practitioner.

The history of acupuncture dates back to ancient China, where it originated. It is a type of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has been developed 5,000 years ago. There are different varieties of acupuncture such as Classical Chinese, Tibetan, and Japanese as well as Korean acupuncture, which are up to now still being used and taught all over the world.

In the issue of acupuncture as a key to weight loss, it is still believed that it is not a direct way of losing, although it can help people lose weight faster. True enough, weight loss is still achieved when commitment to lifestyle change is done by having the proper diet and exercise.

Being an adjunctive therapy, the way acupressure can help in weight loss is by lessening stress which is a root cause for overeating. Acupuncture does this with the use of a needle. With this needle, insert it to a specific point in the body as well as the ear. Through this method, the endorphins are released.

Endorphins are neurotransmitters that have a relaxing and calming effect on our body. This means that Acupuncture can alleviate stress. Moreover, endorphins also affect the hormonal and digestive system. This will result to a rebalancing of our organ systems which has been working too fast or too slow in terms of the metabolism.

To proceed with your acupuncture treatment, you should first seek consultation from your acupuncture practitioner to discuss your habits and eating patterns. This way, he or she will be able to know which point is correct to use. Moreover, your practitioner should asses you thoroughly in order to rule out if the problem is just your lifestyle patterns or a disease entity in itself.

Usually, in acupuncture there is a need to assess your pulse. This is in order to determine the general condition of your body's energy, specifically your stomach's energy. This is by checking your pulse. Then, they will also check your tongue for cracks. After this, your stomach area will be checked for puffiness, peeling, and white or yellow coating on the stomach, which may indicate either a cold or annoying heat. This could give clues as to the reason the person has gained weight.

With the gathered information, the acupuncturist can make a treatment plan. In devising the plan, he would indicate which points would be used to aid the condition of the client. Usually, the ear is used, along with two or more other main points depending on the client's needs:

Stomach - used for people who tend to overeat and love to nibble
Mouth - for impulsive eaters with the habit of smoking and talking much
Hungry - for appetite control
Lung - for people who have food addiction such as those who love sweets
Endocrine - This is if the reason for weight gain is due to water retention
Sherman - to induce calmness for people who tend to be angry, stressed, and insecure
Adrenal and Ovary - if the reason for weight gain is because of Menopause as well as P.M.S.
Thyroid - for people who have slow metabolism
Spleen - for blood sugar imbalances as well as hormonal disturbances
Kidney - for hormonal as well as nervous system imbalances; water retention

In addition, some acupuncturists may also utilize electrical measures in order to increase the release of endorphins as well as the rate of metabolism. The needles inserted in the body would still be put into place for about 30 up to 45 minutes, depending on the needs of the patient.

Then, the needles should be taken out. As for the ear needle, it will be replaced with ear tacs secured by adhesive for continued stimulation in between treatments. The mechanism for this would be the fact that when the client has the urge to eat, he would just apply mild pressure on the ear point by rubbing it for 20 seconds. This pressure on the point will trigger the release of endorphin, which, in turn, will result to the relaxation of the client. This will help in reducing the urge to eat because the client will have the willpower to resist eating. Then after three days, the client should remove the tack and throw them out. However, if discomfort is felt, it can be removed much earlier than three days.

As for the number of treatments, it would really depend on the client's commitment to his or her goal of losing weight. If symptoms of severe overeating are the case, treatment of five consecutive days is suitable. This can be lessened down to every other day on the succeeding week. Then, on the third week, a period of every three days is a considerable treatment. As for clients who are average weight and wants to loss weight, possibly between 5 up to 10 pounds, two times a week is fitting. Thus, after the booster treatment, the acupuncturist and client can decide whether to continue or stop the treatment. A meeting of four times every year after the said treatment is needed every change of season to stabilize the body systems.

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