A Guide to How Acupuncture is Done?

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Many people do not understand how acupuncture is done. The invention of acupuncture is based on the significance and contribution of the ‘Chi’ of an individual in maintaining physical and mental health of the body. It is a belief that the presence of chi is a truth in every living being. The chi tends to flow through certain pathways in one’s body. Many health problems may arise once the chi flow on the body is blocked. The chi blockage may result in persistent muscle pain, headaches, weakness, fever or even some serious health conditions.

The origin of acupuncture is contributed by ancient Chinese philosophy and practice. The practice was started when the old stone age of China started utilizing knives cut out of stones for medical practices, almost ten thousand years ago. Towards the end, these stones were cut out into needles for the same medical purposes.

Experts say that there are fourteen basic pathways through out the body where there is a continuous flow of Chi. These are known as the meridian points. In order to ensure unobstructed flow of chi throughout the body, there needs to be a thorough balance between the Yin and Yang strengths. According to the ancient Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang actually signify the forces of the Universe. Yin is a representative of the feminine force and Yang signifies the Masculine force. The Chinese philosophy believes that everything around consist of both Yin and Yang for good harmony.

Any sort of imbalance between Yin and Yang will result in bodily problems. The meridian points that are helpful in providing a good flow to the chi require to be stimulated for good results. This is carried out via inserting hair thin disposable needles in certain areas on the body of a person in order to induce bodily harmony and healing.

The whole process of how acupuncture is done is supposed to be carried out by a certified and trained acupuncturist. This is the only professional who can easily carryout an efficient therapy session for the patient. Good trainings are provided to acupuncturists to provide them licenses to practice. These trainings are also enough to make them proficient in their art.

Remember that a poor practitioner is not proficient in this medical practice and would not be able to carry out a good therapy session. Hence, it would be prudent to verify the credentials of a practitioner in order to ensure a safe and effective acupuncture treatment.

Another variation in how acupuncture is done is known as the staphtepuncture. This method is very useful in smoking cessation. During this practice, staples are placed anywhere on the car area for a specified period in order to promote stimulation.

During the treatment, one can enjoy varied impressions such as warmth or pressure. This is an energetic feeling that actually differs from pain. Most patients feel less stressed and extremely energized in some days after a treatment.

How acupuncture is done has gained a lot of fame and respect in recent years. This is due its’ effectiveness in healing many health conditions.

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